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May 25, 2015

Meet Color Artist Richard Jordan (And More!) at Farouk’s Cancun Conference

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As a Coiffure Award recipient, Farouk Systems Global Board Member and a BTC COLOR, Cut & Style Artist, it’s no secret that #CHIMYWAY artist Richard Jordan has a knack for crafting hair masterpieces. His gift of recognizing up-and-coming trends and transforming visions into artistic realities make him an industry innovator. A regularly featured hair artist in high-fashion editorial pieces and at international shows, Richard manages to elevate the art in every aspect of his professional journey. Each year, he contributes to the creation and implementation of the Dutch trend collection for 22,500 Netherland-based salons. A firm believer in education, Richard holds workshops throughout Europe, sharing his knowledge and creative vision with fellow hairdressers.


What’s Richard up to these days? His most recent creative vision—“The Trendsetter Cut and Color”—was one of our favorite looks of the season. This edgy, pastel undercut is sleek, feminine and slightly irreverent—perfect for the client who embraces trending fashion colors and confidently rocks short hair.


Get the color how-to!

Get the cut how-to!



Want to learn the cutting and coloring skills used to create “The Trendsetter?” Catch Richard at the 2015 Farouk Systems conference in Cancun!


Richard and his diverse team of Farouk Systems Global Board Artists will unveil international, fashion-focused cutting, styling and strategic techniques. You’ll gain inspiration and expand your existing styling skills, while infusing your work with the influence of the world’s cutting edge hair designs, allowing you to stay educated, stay inspired and stay ahead of the fashion curve.


Speaking of education, Farouk’s biennial conference is packed full of it. Other classes available in Cancun include:


Men’s Grooming
Leave a lasting impression on your male clientele! You’ll learn how to create your signature brand as a men’s grooming innovator. Men’s Grooming will reveal celebrity artist tips, trends and techniques for creating coveted looks.


Salon Business Motivation Seminar
Unlock the hidden potential that your business has to offer. Gain insight on how to become a distinguished business owner and learn methods for empowering yourself and your team. This seminar will motivate you and underline every aspect of growth opportunities available in your salon.


Social Media Success Seminar
Overcome your social media fears! In this seminar, you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to set up and effectively manage your social media accounts to maximize your potential revenue and minimize your time investment. Learn tips and tricks you can use on the top social networks to expand and market yourself and your business to a local audience in a global environment. This seminar will help you make the most of your creative skills with social media at your fingertips.


The Art of Hairdressing
Get a glimpse behind the curtain into the world of high-profile hair with platform artists Anna Cantu and Leonel Rodriguez. Learn styles that are seen on the runways and red carpets.  From building the foundation of the perfect up-style to using proper products and tools these techniques will allow you to create elegant updos, avant garde masterpieces and high fashion statements.



To be a part of the masterpiece in Cancun, click here!

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