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November 18, 2014

Master Jam London 2014 Brings Fashion-Forward Creativity to Life

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Groundbreaking technique met dazzling artistry at Aveda’s Master Jam London 2014. There, more than 1,500 dedicated salon professionals from around the world came together for a high-energy presentations on one of the most prestigious platforms in the industry. Aveda’s Global Artists and special guests joined forces at London’s Excel Center to inspire and educate through creative and technical presentations, while fostering a deep sense of connection to Aveda’s heritage of distinctive artistry and environmental responsibility.


Aveda also announced the winner of its 2014 Fashionista International Award. Competitors from eight countries submitted collections for a chance to work backstage at New York Fashion Week. Collections were judged by a high powered panel of top industry experts, including hair icons Tim Hartley and Annie Humphries. Finalists came from Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the UK. Ilya Balkov of ES Standard Salon in Krasnodar, Russia took the prize…and the opportunity of a lifetime.



Aveda also hosted a workshop, during which members of the Aveda Global Artistic Team brought the 2014 Fall/Winter Collection, Romantic Grandeur, to life. The collection features stunningly bold, yet seductively soft and feminine hair and makeup looks with a bit of an unfinished edge for an effect that both warms and breaks the heart with a beautifully modernized vintage vibe. Aveda’s talented team shared color secrets and provided insight into the latest cuts from the collection including the finishing touches and the latest makeup trends.


Craving more? Here are some of Master Jam’s “greatest hits!”



Mission: Sustainability
Ray Civello, President of Aveda Canada, opened the show with the Aveda Canada team with a presentation entitled Sustainable Human. Combining the best of Aveda artistry with the brand’s mission of environmental responsibility, Civello and team melded beautiful hair with a powerful message about the need for change. Models emerged wearing intricately crafted white floral-inspired headdresses created from sustainable, recycled materials.



Color Splash
For a new take on haircolor—think Color Splashing. Jo McKay, Aveda European Technical Hair Specialist, channeled Jackson Pollock, the American abstract expressionist artist, by splashing on vibrant color and creating  gorgeous and subtle palettes. “My inspiration came from Iceland and the Northern lights,” says Jo. “I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the patterns and the way the colors formed a scattered cloud effect with beautiful violets, blues, pinks and yellows.” To bring her inspiration to life, Jo experimented with Pollock’s drip painting technique, explaining that the artist would place a large canvas on the floor and then drip, pour and splash the paint onto the canvas. “I was looking for fresh, new ways to approach haircoloring and to create visual textures,” notes Jo. She experimented with several color formulas to achieve the right consistency, and found that when it came to applying the color, her hands were the best tools. The focal point for the application can be all over or through the midlengths and ends. “A freehand color technique allows for individual expression, so each time you do it, the results will be unique and different,” Jo explained.



recreate Jo’s color splash technique:


Prelighten: Aveda Enlightener Powder + Cream Booster + 20-volume Color Catalyst™/new growth; Aveda Enlightener Powder + 30-volume Color Catalyst™/midlengths and ends.


Formula A (dusty pink): 40g Deposit Only Color Treatment Activator Cream + 3g Violet Pure Pigment


Formula B (orange crush): 40g Deposit Only Color Treatment Activator Cream  + 3g Orange Pure Pigment


Formula C (bright yellow): 40g Deposit Only Color Treatment Activator Cream + 3g Yellow Pure Pigment



This technique looks best on a one-length bob. To achieve a multi-dimensional effect throughout the head internally, section the hair into quadrants and work in foil slices, starting at the nape. Flick the color onto the slice in the foil and isolate with another foil on top. Do not fold the foil, keep it flat.


1. Prelighten the hair.


2. Wearing gloves, dip your hands into the color bowl, collecting color with your fingertips. Working 12 inches from the hair, starting at the back of the head, flick your hands from a horizontal position quickly at the section to create the color splash. Apply Formula A around the head.


3. Wipe and clean your hand on a damp towel before gathering Formula B in your fingertips and flicking the color over and around the areas not previously covered with Formula A. The design will build in front your eyes.


4. Wipe your hand on a towel, then apply Formula C. Allow the hair to process for 20 minutes.


5. Shampoo and condition with Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner.


Chameleon Stealth


Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling, brought science fiction movies to the fashion forefront with his reptilian goddesses. Crafting serpentine shaped hairstyles fused with snake patterns and crimped texture, Allen transformed his models info sci-fi superstars. “The style in essence is a series of three ponytails. One securing the top section, one securing the side sections and the last one securing the remaining section of hair in the back, which can be pulled up, rolled over and secured with pins,” notes Allen.



recreate Allen’s reptilian goddesses:


1. Prep hair with Aveda Damage Control to detangle, followed by Aveda Volumizing Tonic for fullness. 


2. Wrap-dry the hair with a Mason Pearson brush until completely dry.


3. Starting at the nape, crimp ½-inch sections, omitting the 1½-inch off of the hairline, with a mini-crimper. (Allen used a Hot Tools Helix Mini-Crimper).


4. Brush through the hair with a Mason Pearson brush.


5. Create a horseshoe section from recession to recession, smooth it back above the occipital bone, and secure hair in a low ponytail using a clear elastic.


6. Secure the ponytail flat against the scalp at the bottom of the occipital with two bobby pins. Pin one on the left side and one on the right side.


7. Smooth each side section back, gather them together and secure with a clear elastic on top of the previous ponytail. 


8. Mist the top and sides with Aveda Control Force Hair Spray.


9. Gather all remaining hair on top of the head; then secure the last two inches with a clear elastic. Roll the section over, and secure with pins to create the reptilian shape.


Create the haircolor stencils with Aveda Pure Pigments.


11. Continue to mold the shape with a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment and more hairspray.


Texture Takeover


Whether hair is wavy, curly, coily or stick straight—Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Textured Hair, has a style in mind! As one of the most sought-after hairstylists for textured hair in the entertainment and beauty industries (ahem, Beyoncé) Tippi is constantly coming up with innovative ways to approach textured hair. As part of her presentation, she shared her belief that texture should be viewed as a fabric. She also demonstrated an innovative way to loosen a tight natural curl. 



here’s Tippi’s simple how-to:


1. Blow-dry the hair with a Denman brush to stretch out the texture.


2. Spray 1-inch sections with Aveda Air Control, then wrap each section around a small, barrette click clip.


3. Create 10 subsections at a time and apply heat from a flat iron to each clip for 10 seconds. Allow the sections to cool before removing the clip.


4. To finish, use the tail of a comb to diffuse the curls for a softer look.



Cool Cuts
Precision cutting from Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Cutting, is always a hit with Aveda audiences, and this one was no exception. Ricardo presented elegant, yet edgy sculptural haircuts inspired by the stark, glacier-rimmed, Icelandic landscape. The result? Strong lines with superb detailing.



recreate Ricardo’s haircut:


1. Create a triangular section from the crown to the temple and through the back with a vertical subsection.


2. Cut a graduated line that maintains longer length toward the crown.


3. Cut diagonal diagonal forward sections, maintaining a stationary guide stationary at the round of the head.


4. Overdirect all remaining sections to this point. Repeat on the opposite side.


5. Working from the temple to just behind the ear with diagonal sections, layer the hair from short to long.


6. Cut a deep fringe that is disconnected from the shorter layers.


7. Create vertical sections and connect the crown area. Refine the outline. 


8. Use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep to prep the hair before styling and Aveda Air Control Hairspray to finish the look.



Haircolor & Makeup Go Global
Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Color, joined Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup, to craft the ultimate celebration of color. Closing out the show with a bright, bold bang, the pair drew inspiration from the colorful tribal clothing of Africa’s Masai Mara. Utilizing tones of tomato red, periwinkle, and violet from Aveda’s Full Spectrum customized color palette, Ian and Janell showcased an approach to color that was both high fashion and salon-friendly. Oh, and does Ian’s hue look familiar? It should—Ian Michael did a version of the look for BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style Show in New Orleans! Ending on a high note, beautiful sun-inspired headdresses and sweeping couture gowns complemented the hair and makeup.



recreate Ian’s multi-colored peek-a-boo:


Natural Level 6
Prelighten: 40g Extra Lifting Cream + 4g Violet Pastel Pure Tone + 2g Blonde Pastel Pure Tone + 80g 40-volume developer


Formula A: 40g 0N + 3g Violet Pure Pigment + 40g 5-volume developer


Formula B: 40g 0N + 4g Blue Pure Pigment + 40g 5-volume developer


Formula C: 20g Orange Pure Pigment + 10g Red Pure Pigment + 30g 5-volume developer


1. Section out the front hairline, parting the section around the point of distribution. Clip this section away, as it will remain blonde.


2. Take a section from the top of the ear to the top of the ear across the back. This will create the two sections your will place color.


3. Working through the nape section, subdivide the hair into six vertical sections.



4. Alternate Formulas A-C throughout this section.


5. Repeat this technique through the next section, placing your vertical sectioning directly above the previous sectioning. Alternate your colors so no color sits on top of one the same.


6. Process for 20 minutes, then rinse.

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