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November 9, 2016

Make A Resolution: Improve Your Haircolor Business!

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This time of year always FLIES by, and New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it. So what will your resolution be? To be better at recording your clients’ color formulas? To get your salon budget under control? To stop wasting haircolor and be more accurate with your measurements? To be more mindful of the environment? We’ve got an idea that will help you achieve ALL of those resolutions: Mia


Check Out Mia!



Mia (aka My Intelligent Assistant) by Suretint lives on your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device and has one job: to optimize your creativity by keeping track of basically everything. You input your client’s hair length, density, texture, shape, gray coverage and regrowth, then tell her the chemical service you’re performing. Using Mia can even boost your consultation skills too, since the questions she asks are so thorough. Not only will she record the exact amount of color you’re using—she’ll also keep track of the custom formula you’ve mixed, so you can deliver the same results to the same client again and again. Mia has also become social and allows you to upload images directly to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Users can also generate side by side images for perfect before and after photos.


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Mia helps you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions because you won’t be wasting color anymore—which is great for your budget and Mother Nature. As you reduce color and packaging waste, you will also eliminate the need for paper notecards with formulas and client information.



Here are some tips to help you kickoff your green initiative in your salon:


  • No Paper—use the no paper rule. Bookings, notes, emails and social media take the place of binders, flyers and postcards.

  • Fair Trade—offer fair trade coffee and tea to your customers.

  • Lightbulbs—switch out your old lightbulbs to eco-friendly, soft-white CFLs.

  • Plants—use plants to produce oxygen. Tip: Use old product bottles as planters!

  • Clean Green—use vegetable-based cleaning products or check to see if they’re Green Seal.

  • Water—save water by only using the washer when it’s full.

  • Recycle—many plastic containers, magazines, allowable glass, types of cardboard and other paper items can be recycled. Call your trash pick-up company and ask about their recycling options to get started.


Check Mia Out!