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November 8, 2016

“Love Your Denman” Military Hair Care Event

Check out how Denman is helping women in the military take care of their natural texture at their Military Hair Care event!

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Since 2011, more women have made, and are continuing to make, the decision to wear their hair in its natural state. Many have chosen to do this due to health reasons, but the majority just want to wear their hair the way it naturally grows.


With this shift, women like Luvina Sabree are creating events that educate women about how to care and love their natural hair. Luvina founded the Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo five years ago. As a veteran herself, she understands the challenges women face in the military when caring for their natural hair. The Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo provides education and empowers women and children in the community. It helps them to be more confident and proud about wearing their hair the way it naturally grows from their scalp.



During the expo, women attended workshops about caring for natural hair. Nicole Patrick, also known as “The Natural Cole”, is a hair educator and blogger from Dallas who conducted her workshop on “The Foundation of Natural Hair Care.” The one-hour workshop discussed topics such as the importance of understanding the hair’s structure, how to moisturize and use products for natural hair.


Denman sponsored the seminar by providing attendees with the limited edition version of the classic D3 styling brush: “Love Your Denman,” which incorporates the U.S. flag on the handle design.



Afterward, Nicole spoke one-on-one with women to find out some of their hair care concerns and maintenance issues with textured hair in the military. Women expressed how challenging it can be to take care of their hairline and edges due to having to wear a military cap daily.



Products leftover from the expo were mailed to families overseas to help with their hair care needs. Luvina says being a veteran who was often stationed overseas, she knows how difficult it can be to find products for natural hair. Now that she is a 501(c)(3) her ultimate goal is to send families overseas new full-size products with the help of donations.