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March 12, 2017

KMS is Back—Get The Latest Looks NOW

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Are you ready for some major news? KMS is back and they’ve completely reinvented their branding and product ideology. After drawing inspiration from four major cities from around the world (New York, London, Berlin and Seoul) and after reorganizing their styling regimen into three new categories (START. STYLE. and FINISH.), this is the new KMS.


Here’s a look at their first New York-inspired style from their newest collection, Style Matters.



Get the look
Prep hair with COLOR VITALITY Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. Then apply MOIST REPAIR Anti-Breakage Spray to the ends of wet or damp hair to condition and detangle.


2. STYLE: Layer in ADD VOLUME Liquid Dust to the midlengths and ends, then blow-dry using a paddle brush. After the hair is dry, use a curling iron horizontally and alternate it to stamp indentation into the hair and to create a wave pattern.


3. FINISH: Use HAIR STAY Working Hairspray on the root and a small-tooth comb to compact the root onto the head, then diffuse with a dryer to create dual texture.



The New KMS
The brand’s revamp is about rethinking the way style matters to every client in your chair, and using these cities as starting points to create different looks, different attitudes and different discussions on what style can mean.


Watch the video for more details on why “style matters” to KMS.



The 2017 Style Matters Collection
For their new collection to introduce their new branding, the KMS Global Style Council came together at an old factory in Berlin to create Style Matters. The collection celebrates diversity by sharing a melting pot of looks to inspire you to create your best style Check it out!



The KMS Team
Love the New York look and the collection above? The KMS global team is a community of creatives that made it all happen.



“KMS sees style as a visual language that unites creative people around the world,” says Simon Miller, KMS Global Style Council Member. “We’ve reimagined KMS based on this concept, updating the brand’s look and feel with new formulas and sophisticated packaging, launching entirely new products and grouping them into an innovative, universal styling regimen.”


The team includes, Kenny Chow (Taiwan), Robert Mrosek (Germany), Lori Panarello (USA), Sam Burnett (UK), Simon Miller (USA) and Garreth Lenagh (Australia).


The Products
Start. Style. Finish. The ultimate hairstyle comes down to those three steps—whether you realize it or not, those are the steps you’re taking in the salon and those are the steps your client is using at home. And it’s exactly why KMS has reorganized their styling regimen into these categories.