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February 9, 2010

Kim Vo’s BTC Exclusive Shear Genius Blog Episode 2

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Want to hear something exciting? Last week’s season premiere was the highest rated out of all three seasons. According to the peeps over at NBC Universal, views were up 17 percent among adults 18-49 and 23 percent among total viewers. I hope a majority of those tuning in are salon pros and members of the BTC community…wink, wink!


I loved the challenges this week. Why? Because it was now my turn to judge the Short Cut challenge! Jonathan had his moment last week to critique cuts, and now it was finally my turn to put the contestants color skills in check. The challenge was to convince your blonderexic client to say bye-bye to frizzle-fry and hello to healthy hair. How did it go? Not so well. Most of the contestants were unable to change their client’s mind. Kudos though to Matthew and Brig who were able to take the bleached-out bull by its horns and make a difference. Everyone else dropped the blonde ambition transformation ball except for these two.



My good friends over at BTC posted on their Facebook Fan page an opportunity for three BFF’s (BTC Facebook Fans) to have a question answered by yours truly. Well, I saw four that really stood out so here it goes:


BTC Facebook Fan Michele Bender Halbeisen: Do you have a magical formula to get “dead” blonde hair to come back to life and hold its color?
Great question Michele! Last night, these girls had hair that was beyond “dead.” It was like a group of blonde zombies walked in demanding a transformation. What I like to do for hair in need of revitalization, is to add color into glazes. I get outstanding results by taking Goldwell Elumen (mostly clear) and adding a few squirts of color from a member of the 9 family. Now, you are going to need to bake this color like a pound cake so add 30 minutes of heat. Your client’s hair will look a whole lot healthier by doing so.


BTC Facebook Fan Jennifer Marie Izzi: What would Kim have done differently if the client definitely wanted to stay blonde?
I’ll tell you what Jennifer. You can guarantee that not one of those ladies would have stayed blonde if they were in my chair. My psychic persuasive ability is so fine tuned that I would have made sure their look was completely different. You have to hypnotize the client. You have to get them involved in the whole process. See, not all blondes are created equal and sometimes you really have to hit ‘em where it hurts. Use complimenting insults to ensure that whatever you do will be better than that box blonde they walked through your door wearing. You have to be sensitive yet strong in your determination to convince them that change is exactly what they need. Tell them what they’re doing right now is not flattering for their skin tone and eye color. Take them by the wrists, turn them over and look at their veins. Everyone has different colored veins and you can determine if someone is either cool or warm. This “hands on” assessment is not only convincing, but is a reality scare tactic that shows them that you are an expert and you know what you’re doing. This process is called Vein Technology.


BTC Facebook Fan Jeanne Craparo Kim: Do you think the timing on tonight’s Short Cut Challenge was realistic to achieve a transformation on an over-processed, home hair colored blonde mess? How can anyone achieve a proper color correction on a badly damaged, over-processed mess? I saw filling, coloring, glazing, cutting, styling and finishing to all be done in 2 hours.
Being that these contestants are the FINEST and most talented in the industry around the globe, there is absolutely no reason this challenge could not be executed by one of them in the two-hour time constraint given. As a colorist, you need a plan of attack. You can’t go in without knowing what you want to do. Color isn’t a game of chance. You can’t hope that it’ll turn out during each stage. It’s important that you are confident in your plan and carry out each phase in a timely and successful manner.

There are times I have to work on 30 clients in one single day. I’m able to do this because I know what I’m going to do before I even start. I want each and every colorist out there to know that you have to have an inner discipline to not jump the gun and get in there. Think things through. Have patience and confidence with your execution and ability as within yourself. If you do, this will reflect in your work and you will be able to increase the amount of clients you are seeing on a daily basis. Over the course of time, your confidence will increase and so will your profits.


BTC Facebook Fan Jamie Cholaki: My question for the talented and master colorist, Mr. Kim Vo, is how do you convince a blonderexic to change their color? How do you convince your clients that change is a good thing? PS – I heart you Kim. I thank you for always being positive and always having a smile. I feel like that is rare in the world of celebrity stylist. Thank you for smiling….:)
Guess what Jamie? I’m smiling so much right now! You totally just made my day. It’s important to stay positive in your personal and professional life. You never know who is looking up to you for guidance, leadership and inspiration. I ask everyone to smile a little more than you did yesterday. You’ll see why after you do this on a regular basis. And I love it because you constantly hear about frown lines, not smile lines! To answer your question, I recommend taking my advice above and expanding on it. Since every client is different, you have to have multiple consultation personas. Sometimes I like to switch things up and go into it passionately as if I’m their best friend. Get that smooth, caring voice out. You know the one, it’s been sitting in your drawer next to your brushes and Altoids. Talk to her in a way that conveys the message of, “I’m concerned and I think we need to talk.” Ask her what she thinks about how she looks. The thing I’ve noticed with blonderexic’s is that they have a skewed self image. They don’t really see themselves. Ask her if she likes her hair in pictures and if she ever feels like she looks washed out. She’ll probably say yes because that’s the response I always get! Tell her that you think it’s time for a change. It’s time for her to feel great about her Kodak moments and finally tag herself in Facebook photos.



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Now, some of you may not know this, but I am a HUGE food lover. I actually got accepted to attend the Culinary Institute of America before I became a hairdresser. I’ve had my fair share of working in a kitchen back in my early days. It’s a passion that still burns (no pun intended) inside me. Hair and food are synonymous even though you never want hair in your food. Both have depth, texture, layers and can make a person salivate the minute it comes into view. The reason I loved the food challenge is that it gave the contestants an opportunity to translate that depth, texture and layers of the food into a creative look. Now if I was a contestant I would have LOVED to have Arzo’s dish. Oh the layers were heavenly! And it was fabulous having the ever-so-knowledgeable Joel Warren from the styling team of Warren-Tricomi joins in as guest judge for the Dakota restaurant challenge. It’s just too bad that we had to saw farewell to Arzo this week, but it wouldn’t be a competition if we didn’t say good-bye. No one would be the winner of Season 3 if we kept everyone around!



Since I can’t give away secrets and spoilers for next week, I will say that things really get “cookin’” and the competition starts to really “heat up.” See you all next week :).

Talk to you soon xoxo,

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