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August 28, 2014

Keep Your Styling Business Thriving This Fall

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The most famous upstyling and wedding specialist in the social media world focuses on bridal hair now, but early in her career, Stephanie Brinkerhoff used to offer many upstyling and formal looks for school events. With her 700K+ Facebook fans and 150K+ on Instagram, she stays booked solid with bridal work all season long. So we reached out to Steph to get her take on fall styling trends and how to keep your business thriving, season after season. Using techniques featured in her wildly popular book, Elegant Upstyles for Today’s Bride, she shows you how to translate these ideas into higher service dollars right now!


Heading into September, be sure to start advertising your services to high school and college girls in additional to your brides. Leading up to homecoming or any other fall activities, post pictures of styles you could create for school related events, giving them plenty of ideas and opportunities to book with you. Use social media as a way of posting your availability for school dances, homecoming, and photo sessions, showcasing your skills in the pictures you post.



A lot of girls love to get their hair styled during the first few weeks in September as a way to kick off the new school year. Whether it’s simply down and curled or half up with some cute braids, everyone wants to make a good impression as they are meeting new people and getting involved in new activities.



Another option is to post hair tips on your social media sites. This might not impact your business immediately, but it will let the girls know that you are a hair expert that they can look to you for advice, and will keep them coming back to your page. Here are some potential tips you could post: “If you want to wear a braid, be unique by combining two braids in one or even making up your own braid.” “If you want extra volume in your hair or for a new twist on your style, try flipping your part over to the opposite side, which provides instant volume!”


Popular Fall Styles
Whether it’s braiding back the front of your hair, doing a crown braid, French braiding down the back, doing a long, or a fishtail braid down the side, braids are ALWAYS in fashion! For everyday styles, keep them loose and messy to keep them looking casual and fresh. For a formal style, add some braids into an updo, or doing one big braid, tucking it up into a chignon. Remember, braided looks are also a favorite among brides and bridesmaids, no matter what the season! So be sure to show off your best braided looks to your fall clients about to walk down the aisle.



Wavy hair is still very popular, but with a softer, less apparent wave. Tighter curls are going by the wayside, and soft, wavy or straight hair is becoming the go-to look for most girls.


When it comes to formal hairstyles, updos are always popular with the ladies from homecoming to her big day. The trick is to keep them simple, on trend and not too formal. The most popular styles include: Braided Boho Styles, simple chignons or side swept/half up styles. Girls want to look nice, but not too overdone. Think casual chic.



Steph’s most popular styling techniques are featured in her best-selling book Elegant Upstyles for Today’s Bride. You’ll find over 100 bridal and upstyling images that work beautifully for high school and college-aged girls, along with step-by-steps for 15 modern, popular looks. Undoing the Updo, her first 90 minute BTC Webinar, a huge hit with stylists, is also available in the BTC Bookstore. Click here to order Steph’s educational tools in the BTC Bookstore.


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