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July 6, 2015

Jenny Strebe’s Knotted Updo



We love an updo that looks complicated, but breaks down into super-easy parts—and that’s exactly what we get with this updo by Jenny Strebe, aka @theconfessionsofahairstylist. Check it out!

This updo has a secret…it uses NO pins! A single invisibobble is the key to this beautiful ‘do!

How-To: Knotted Updo
1. Section the hair behind the ears, leaving the front section out to work with later.


2. With the back section, create a ponytail right below the occipital bone. When securing with an invisibobble, use the pull and stretch technique, making sure to fit the ponytail securely against the head. Use the last few loops of the invisibobble to loosely encircle the pony—you’ll need that later.


3. Hold the base of the ponytail and pinch and pull the hair for added volume and texture. Loop the hair around the base of the ponytail—think an Equestrian knot—and pull the bottom of the hair through the invisibobble to secure.


4. Create an invisiloop, pulling the ends of hair through the invisibobble to form a small loop.


5. Take a triangle section from the front section of the hair. Divide the hair into two sections and create a simple knot. Split the section underneath, and add that hair to create another loose knot. Work your way down the head. When you reach the knotted bun in the back, wrap the end of your knot into the loose part of the invisibobble, fanning the inside out.


6. Continue this method on the other side of the head.


7. Curl the leftover bit of the ponytail, and comb it into the hairstyle. Spread and smooth the updo, pinching and pulling, to create more fullness. Spray with hairspray as a finishing touch.


Watch the full how-to!


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