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September 11, 2014

It’s Time To Rethink Clean!

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Your clients may not know it, but shampooing and conditioning their hair on a daily basis might actually be harming their hair. Overuse of traditional shampoos can strip the hair of moisture, color and natural oils that prevent hair from looking healthy and can even cause color to fade. Daily and weekly use of harsh detergents upsets the hair balance, and often requires additional products to try and restore the hair back to its natural state of health. If this is the case for the majority of your clients—and we have a sneaking suspicion it might be—it could be time to rethink the way you look at clean!


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Enter Unwash™—an unconventional, uncomplicated, new professional hair care line that challenges the conventional practice of lather, rinse, repeat, condition, rinse and style. This new, professional salon co-wash hair care line stops the cycle of unhealthy hair with its unique cleansing conditioner, formulated to intelligently and gently clean hair without removing essential oils and moisture.



How It Works. Unwash Cleansing Conditioner is formulated with an exclusive Emulsion Co-Wash Method—a blend of naturally-derived ingredients with key performance technologies—that attract and remove daily dirt and surface buildup without opening the cuticle and stripping natural oils from the hair. This intelligent approach to cleansing brings hair back to life and helps maintain overall moisture balance, promoting healthier hair and scalp—in one easy step. By using this system, hair will start to look and feel softer, smoother, and will actually become more manageable. It will also appear fuller and more vibrant, with long-lasting color that is more resistant to fading. 



The Lineup. In addition to the Cleansing Conditioner, Unwash also offers Anti-Residue Rinse, which is ideal for when your clients need a deeper cleanse to remove surface buildup and dirt. This pH-balanced, mild bio-based cleanser has no harmful sulfates or parabens and is safe to use on color-treated hair. The Rinse can and should be applied prior to using Unwash Hydrating Masque, to rinse away the build-up of styling agents and oil residue. The Hydrating Masque provides even more intense hydration to the hair with ingredients such as aragan oil, coconut oil and seabuckthorn, to replenish hair vitality. Have your client use the masque 1 to 2 times per week, following the Anti-Residue Rinse, depending on their hair type and damage.



Stylist Tip. To get a great foundation, start with Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse at the shampoo bowl. This mild, but effective bio-based cleanser gently lifts away the bad without stripping away natural oils and moisture, giving your client the perfect reset. Finish with Unwash Hydrating Masque for intense moisture balance that smooths and softens while replenishing lost hydration.


Color Tip. After coloring the hair, cleanse with Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner to lock in color and the hair’s natural oils. Since there are no harsh detergents, this conditioner will not strip locks, leaving color vibrant, and long-lasting!


Unwash is more than a brand—it’s a movement that is gaining momentum and transforming the entire hair care category. We are committed to providing products that deliver on its promise of healthy hair, sans the fuss or fluff. Gone are the days of hair care propaganda—Unwash is the only hair care treatment needed for healthier, more balanced, beautiful hair.