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August 20, 2014

Is Water Damaging Your Haircolor?

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Are your clients frustrated with fast-fading color and dull, dry locks? They might not realize their daily routine is to blame! Impurity-filled tap water is one of the leading causes of color loss and hair damage; that’s because it’s clouded with trace minerals and oxidizers like chlorine, magnesium, copper and iron. When hair is washed, these elements are the last to touch it, meaning hair is stripped of its natural resilience, making it drab and lifeless. But you can help get their locks back into tip top shape—and boost your retail sales while you’re at it!



How It Works
KeraColor Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioning Treatment is fortified with a Krystal Water Complex that neutralizes chlorine and other trace minerals found in tap and pool water, all the while infusing hair with moisture, shine and vibrancy. Plus, the addition of Keratin gives hair a boost to beat breakage and combat split ends. This helps to rebuild and redefine each strand, leaving your client happy and her hair iron-woman strong! Show her how it works for her hair while she is in your chair, and you’ve got an instant retail hit. Once she sees and experiences the incredible results, she’ll be back for more—which is great news for your book as well as your wallet.


To use, gently squeeze excess water out of hair with a towel and apply Purify Plus from the scalp to the ends. Apply a little extra to midlengths and ends if hair feels extra dry. After applying, comb through hair for even distribution—this will ensure the Krystal Water Complex has a chance to neutralize impurities throughout all the hair, while gently detangling. Tip: Less is more! Avoid using too much product, especially toward the scalp, which will only weigh down the hair and leave it feeling greasy. If your client plans on taking a dip in the pool, have her spritz Keracolor Purify Plus throughout her hair before jumping in. The PH balance will close the cuticle and hair will soak up the conditioner before the chlorine. After the pool, rinse hair and spray throughout once more to neutralize anything left on the strands.


So what are you waiting for?! Start preserving your clients precious haircolor (and your hard work) while adding shine and vibrancy to their locks. Your clients will thank you later!