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March 23, 2016

Innovating Timeless Styles

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Living Proof: they’re the company that believes beauty and brains are the best formula, that products should be trustworthy and that every day can be a great hair day. And with their new Timeless Collections, Living Proof Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan and Editorial Stylist Ward Stegerhoek have brought the strongest, most iconic shapes back to life.


Think strong. Think classic. Think timeless. The styles feature The Brazilian Shag, The Convertible Man, The Dutch Bob and The Studio 54. “I try to break my own molds in order to keep it interesting and creative,” Ward said. “Hair always grows, so there is no risk.” And while the Timeless Collections contain creative elements of cutting and styling, the “proof” in Living Proof really does lie in the science behind the development of the product.


“I am not trying to teach you guys how to cut hair, because we all know how to cut hair,” Chris said. “But I am showing you my techniques to get the best results for the haircuts I like to do.” For the real-deal on the innovative and creative techniques Chris and Ward used to design these eight looks, check out the collections and the step-by-steps below! 


See Chris and Ward’s Inspiration for the Timeless Collections



The Brazilian Shag


Inspired by the pulse of Latin America, this effortless cut has been worn by some of the most famous women in the world. Strong foundations are partnered with freestyle cutting techniques in a samba-like dance, giving each cut a romantic rhythm that could only come from Brazil. The Brazilian Shag is perfect for any woman looking for effortless sex appeal. Watch the How-To >>


The Convertible Man


Just like putting the top down on a classic car, this cut gives the modern man everything he is looking for in today’s changing world. Using a combination of tools and cutting techniques, this cut can easily transform a high velocity, punk-inspired coif into a sleek and sophisticated look that’s dapper enough for a night on the town. Watch the How-To >> 


The Dutch Bob


Created by Living Proof’s Dutch-born Ward Stegerhoek, this modern take on a classic cut was inspired by impressionistic principles. Abstract cutting techniques create strong lines without ever putting an actual line into the haircut. Versatile and expressive, the Dutch Bob is modern in every way. Watch the How-To >>


The Studio 54


The last days of disco are alive and well in this high textured revival. Forget everything you know about curly hair. Living Proof Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan removes weight and resists hard lines with a unique combination of tools, transforming curls into a celebration of natural texture. Watch the How-To >> 


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