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February 6, 2015

In Guy’s Class, Anything Goes

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How Guy Tang became hairstyling’s most in-demand teacher—and how we got him!


Not many stylists have the social media reach of Guy Tang. With more than 430,000 Instagram followers and 172,000 Facebook “likes,” what is it about Guy that makes him such a hot commodity? You can credit his following to a variety of factors. For some, their love of Guy lies in his against-the-grain personality. At the end of the day, not many stylists refer to their color creations as #hairporn. For most, though, their love lies in his technique—after all he is a very talented colorist! Fans clamor for his ability to create modern ombrés and balayage, with results that are always sleek and sexy. What makes it even better—Guy is always happy to share his knowledge with all those who ask.


Guy Tang began his foray into social media a few years ago when he became dismayed by what he was seeing—bloggers marginalizing the work of colorists as overpriced and incomparable to “superior” box colors. Essentially, he started on social media out of spite—posting videos of bad color jobs he saw on the street. That’s when he realized he was accomplishing nothing by doing so. He switched his technique and began making step-by-step videos for professionals that not only showed them how to do certain color techniques but also to remind them that their work should not be relegated to the quality of box colors.



It worked. His educational videos took off. Within a year, one of his videos garnered more than 1.2 million views, and so began his march toward social media stardom. Why did this work? At heart, Guy is a teacher. And although he’s been educating thousands through his videos, he has not taught a live class in 4 years. He didn’t feel the need, as he was completely unaware of how big his celebrity had grown. It wasn’t until BTC’s COLOR Show 2014 that he realized how in-demand he was. Fans streamed in after the COLOR Panel to take pictures with him and ask for advice. It was as if he was put on stage to educate the masses. 


This is exactly why BTC is bringing him to Chicago to teach during America’s Beauty Show on March 22nd from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Guy will bring all of his knowledge and charisma to a 90-minute class and 30-minute Q&A session where nothing will be off the table—ombrés, balayage, hairporn. You name it and Guy will supply it—maybe even a tutorial on how to properly twerk! He will also probably try to convert you to a “product Agnostic,” another trendsetting idea accredited to Guy. Being that it is Guy, however, we never know what to expect. The rules in his classroom are always changing, so expect the unexpected!   

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