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September 18, 2018

Improve Your Color, Styling AND Social Media Skills With These 8 Tips

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8 Tips That’ll Improve Your Color, Styling AND Social Media Skills

When the Matrix team takes THE BTC SHOW stage, you know to have your pens ready because they’re about to dish on all things hair. And we’re not talking just color or just styling tips. Keep scrolling for eight tips from Chrystofer Benson, Nick Stenson, Daniel Roldan, Michael Albor, Constance Robbins, Rickey Zito, Mustafa Avci and Philip Wolff that’ll improve your color, styling AND social media skills!


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1. Turn Two Colors Into Three



When color melting, frame the high energy color in the middle so it’s the focal point. Then, use a dry brush to melt each shade seamlessly together—it allows you to stroke without having to do a lot of side brushing AND it makes a third transition color out of the two you already painted. “It’s really about how we link the colors together,” shares Chrystofer.


2. Don’t Go Color Crazy With Pixies



For clients with shorter locks, Rickey likes to keep a neutral base and only works with three different colors tops. It’s important to not go color crazy when working on a pixie because it could overwhelm the hair and turn out looking cheap.


3. Don’t Let The Money Piece Get Lost



It’s no secret that clients are living for the money piece right now, but the secret to success is all in the placement. Daniel says to always section the money piece in front of the ear. If you go past the ear, it’ll easily get lost in the hair. 


Pro Tip: Opt for an accent piece along the hairline to give your client some subtle color and variety in how they wear their hair.


4. Remember The Three P’s



For Michael, styling boils down to the three P’s: Product, Placement and Preparation. When creating styles behind the chair, make sure each one works together to give you the ideal texture. Michael loves to blow-dry with a gel because it creates body and then he’ll apply a foam from scalp to ends to polish the hair.


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5. Texture Is Everything



It doesn’t matter how thin or thick your client’s hair is, Mustafa—aka the King of Waves—says you need to add texture and product or the style won’t sit properly. 


Pro Tip: Oil balances out the texture by adding weight, so when creating his signature finger waves, Mustafa will tease the root and then apply an oil to create a solid foundation.


6. Take A Lot Of Pictures



Taking pictures for Instagram will never be one and done. So Nick says to take a lot of pictures because not every single photo you take is going to be the one you want to post. The key thing is to switch up the angles—brush the hair out, snap some pics of the back and the sides and then change up the style to show off different aspects of the color. Doing this gives you a variety of content to post and lets you have options to choose from.


7. Philip’s Video Tip



If a personal goal of yours is to one day become an educator, a great place to start is Instagram. Philip loves to use the platform to educate his followers, which is why he started posting videos in addition to his photos. His secret? Divide your video into three parts. That way, one haircut will equal three different posts and provide you with more content.


8. Embrace The Fade



Know this: People are interested in seeing how a certain blend will eventually fade. So when she creates color melts that she know will have a seamless fade out, Constance asks her clients to come back in a few weeks so she can capture pics of how wearable the grow out is. 


Pro Tip: Do some clients get camera shy when you take your phone out? Constance’s fave pose right now is getting clients to laugh for a genuine smile. Not only will it add some fun to your feed but timid clients will feel—and look—more comfortable.


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