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November 21, 2016

How-To: Waterfall Braid

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BTC On Paper cover star Ammon Carver brings us this sweet-yet-edgy waterfall braid that’s perfect on second-day hair! When Ammon and the rest of the L’ANZA Healing Haircare crew appeared onstage at the 2016 BTC COLOR, Cut & Style show, he declared that braids aren’t going anywhere, so what better time to perfect this technique?



Watching Ammon and the L’ANZA team is fascinating because they have amazing tips and tricks for any stylist. That’s because Global Creative Directors Ammon, Matt Swinney and Leah Freeman all work behind the chair all the time in their own salons—so they know what you go through every day. Plus, L’ANZA stands for something B.I.G.! That is, Believe, Inspire, Grow, a movement that L’ANZA holds close to their hearts. L’ANZA has always been synonymous with something that’s bigger than simply hair—the “healing” in the company name refers to healing the planet, healing the industry and healing each other!

Check out how Ammon creates his waterfall braid!

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