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November 4, 2015

How-To: Twisterella Upstyle from invisibobble

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Tonight is your client’s big night, and as her styling fairy godmother, you need to get your sweet Cinderella looking like royalty before the clock strikes midnight!


Thanks to BTC Brand Ambassador Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist) you can create the perfect twisted upstyle in no time! With the help of a single invisibobble, the creaseless hair ring, Jenny was able to create this modern twist on a fairytale classic—the Twisterella. The invisibobble’s unique cord-like design puts an end to all the hassles elastic hair ties can cause—no creases or headaches, and it TOTALLY eliminates the need for bobby pins.


Here’s how you can give your client the perfect soft, woven Twisterella Upstyle.




1. Divide the hair into a circular section at the lower back of the head.



2. Tie it into a ponytail, then divide the hair into two strands and twist.



3. For added volume, loosen the strands.




4. Secure the twist with an invisi-loop and drape around the invisibobble; repeat with the second strand.



5. Divide a section at the side of the head.



6. Divide a section at the other side of the head and fix the remaining upper hair with a clip.



7. Twist the side strands and loosen the hair to add volume.



8. Secure the twists with an invisi-loop.




9. Arrange the hair to cover the invisibobble.



10. Divide the section at the upper back of the head, twist and secure with an invisi-loop.



11. Repeat this step with the section at the side of the head.




12. Release the hair at the top of the head.



13. Divide the section into two; twist and fix the side strand.



14. Twist the strand at the top of the head.



15. Secure the last strand with an invisi-loop.



16. Arrange and drape the hair.