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April 25, 2016

How-To: Textured Bob

 How-To: Textured Bob

Let’s get one thing straight—bobs? They’re SO hot right now. The celebs are wearing them. Your clients are wearing them. The bob revolution is far from over! One bummer though? Sometimes, those bobs are looking pretty… heavy? Thanks to stylist Christy Bruski here’s how you can get any short, summer bob sexy, slinky and ready to MOVE!

Christy textured her client’s crisp, clean cut with Baker’s De-Bulker—a trimmer with three unique texturizing guards. Each guard cuts channels in the hair, producing beautiful dimension and movement, making texturizing a precise, single-step process.

Here’s How she did it!

1. Section the hair off into quadrants. Pin forward the two sides from above the ear. Pin the sections from parietal to occipital.

2. Begin working in the bottom section from the occipital to the nape. Run the De-Bulker in a sweeping motion, with the guard flat against the hairshaft. Press lightly to remove a bit of the bulk out of the cut, following with a fine-tooth comb to work the hair in place. Work from one side to the other, sweeping that bulk out of the hair.

3. Begin work in the middle section, unpinning hair from crown to parietal. Repeat the same motion from step 2, starting at the midlengths and sweep in through to the end. 

4. Unclip your side, face-framing sections, repeating the motion from steps 2 and 3. Remove this weight from the tips of the ears to the end for optimal movement, paying special attention to the end. Do the same on the other side. 

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Watch how it’s done!

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