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February 21, 2016

How-To: Shadow Blonde

Formula A (roots)

Redken Shades EQ 07NW + Shades EQ Processing Solution

Formula B (balayage)

Redken Flash Lift Lightener + DS Laboratories Continuum ROmaxx + 50-volume developer

Formula C (gloss)

Redken Shades EQ 08GN + Shades EQ Processing Solution

Formula D

Redken Shades EQ Yellow Kicker + Clear + Shades EQ Processing Solution

Formula E (highlights)

Redken Flash Lift Lightener + Continuum ROmaxx + 20-volume developer

Formula F (roots)

Redken Shades EQ 07N + Shades EQ Processing Solution

Who do celebrity stylists look to for inspiration? David Eddington (@davideddington) of Image Studios in Salt Lake City, UT and Shampoo on 3rd in LA/Beverly Hills, Calif. was named one of Tracey Cunningham’s favorites on Insta, so of course we had to check out his work. Here’s his take on a color correction that he transformed into the perfect café au lait blonde with a trendy shadow root. Check out David’s two-step process! 


“The dimension created from the first beige blonde gloss gave the perfect sandy background for the fresh blonde highlights, and we didn’t need to do any additional all-over gloss,” explains David.


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Natural/Starting Level: Natural Level 6 with pre-lightened Level 9 hair, violet at the line of demarcation and pink throughout. (The client had removed some of the violet and pink prior to the appointment.)


1. First, use Formula A while at the sink to cover the violet and erase the line of demarcation (“rooting” the hair).


2. While Formula A processes, balayage over the rest of the blonde with Formula B to brighten and strip more of the pink from the previous color.


3. Rinse everything and apply Continuum ROzen, then gloss with Formula C. If the hair still shows violet, tone with Formula D. Check often while processing.


4. Once the hair is neutralized to a beige blonde, rinse and blast dry.


5. Next, fully foil hair with Formula E. Have the client sit under a dryer for about 10 minutes.



6. Rinse and apply Continuum ROzen. Then root with Formula F—emulsify a couple inches down the length of the hair.


7. Rinse, shampoo and condition with DS Laboratories Nia Helio. Style as desired.


Pricing: $300

Finished look

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