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March 18, 2016

How-To: Sarah Potempa’s 3D Festival Fishtail

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But for real, though—is winter over yet?! We’ve already got spring on our minds, and we’re pretty sure your clients do, too. Festival season, here we come. She’s gonna want it all—those big boho braids, those effortless beach waves, those pretty pastels that glow in the summer sun.


No prob! Our girl Sarah Potempa, head stylist at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, knows what’s up. Last year, Sarah took the BTC “On Tour” stage, where she got every stylist in the audience prepped for festival success. Sarah broke down the best in braiding and shared Victoria’s one true secret—the Beachwaver, a self-rotating curling iron that she invented (aka a magic wand for bombshell beach waves). 



1. Begin a regular fishtail braid at the hairline above the temple. Work down the length of the head, above the ear, to the opposite side of the nape.
Note: To give your fishtail a more three-dimensional effect, as pictured above, use the method listed below, securing with pins.

2. With a regular fishtail, the piece on the far right is woven over to the other side. To create the 3-Sided Fishtail, when you pull that far right section, part it into two sections. Wrap one section around the top.

3. Next, take the remaining portion of the split section, and wrap it around the bottom, creating a three-dimensional fishtail. Continue this technique on the opposite side of the braid, separating a small section into two pieces, before working one section across the top and another across the bottom.

4. Continue this technique, working down the hair until you’ve created the desired length of your braid, then secure it with an elastic. Pancake the braid to add more depth, texture and volume.