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November 8, 2016

How-To: Rosy Blonde

As temperatures drop, your clients are going to want the perfect winter shades. Here’s a gorgeous look to try by Erica Reynolds Keelen, aka @ericakeelen_hair_love!

Here’s a secret for getting your formulas perfect: Mia, aka My Intelligent Assistant by SureTint Technologies! Mia lives on your smartphone and has one job: to optimize your creativity by keeping track of basically everything. You input your client’s hair length, density, texture, shape, gray coverage and regrowth, then tell her the chemical service you’re performing. Not only will she record the exact amount of color you’re using, she’ll also keep track of the custom formula you’ve mixed so you can deliver the same results to the same client again and again.

Check Out Mia!

Kenra Professional Color Formulas
Formula A (prelighten): Simply Blonde + choice of developer

Formula B (shadow root): 30g 7SM

Formula C (light blonde): 20g 10SM + 20g 9VM + 10g Clear

Formula D (gold): 20g 10G + 10g 8BrM

Formula E (rose gold): 25g 8BrM + 5g 5VR

1. On your client’s first visit, lighten her hair with Formula A, then add extensions. Allow two days for the extensions to set.

2. On the second visit, apply Formula B to the roots, Formula C next, Formula D after that, and Formula E at the ends, using a scissor blending technique with your fingers to blur the lines of demarcation between shades.