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October 11, 2016

How-To: Rosé Ombré + Lob Cut

Rosé and the lob cut are totally having a moment right now, so when our Insta was getting a lot of love for this color and cut combo, we had to get the how-to from Ashley Sandoval herself. Check it out!

How-To: Rosé Ombré + Lob Cut


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It’s no secret that Rosé is having a moment right now. And it seems like everyone is rocking the lob. So it comes as no surprise that an Instagram post that harmoniously marries the two “It” trends would get a lot of lovin’ (more than 6,000 likes, that is!). Because we’re not ones to disappoint, we got the color and cut how-to directly from Ashley Sandoval (@lvhairbyashley) at the Jayrua Glam Hair Salon in Las Vegas, Nev., just for you! Check it out!


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PRAVANA Color Formulas
Formula A: 40-volume developer + 15 POWERTOOLS TCA accelerator drops

Formula B (toner): 1.5 oz. ChromaSilk 7.22 + 0.5 oz. ChromaSilk 7.1 + 1 oz. ChromaSilk 5.7 + 0.75 oz. ChromaSilk 7.62 + 10-volume developer

Ashley stacked the foils instead of folding them and took smaller sections in order to achieve an even saturation.

1. Heavily ombré the hair with Redken Flash Lift, then apply Formula A and foil the hair. “The foil was not folded, but stacked,” shares Ashley. “I was going for even saturation so I took small (about 8-inch) sections for maximum lift.”

2. Use The Blonde Wand to heat up the foil, evenly distributing the heat over each section of foil. Process for 35 minutes.

3. After 35 minutes, check the elasticity of the hair by opening the foil and pulling on one strand. Pull out the back section after 35 to 45 minutes. “If the lightener can be left on for 15 minutes longer, do it. The higher the lift, the better,” says Ashley. “The goal is to lift each section to a Level 8/9.”

4. Repeat Step 4 but apply to the front sections of her hair. Process for 35 minutes.




5. Rinse out the lightener and comb the hair with a leave-in conditioner or treatment, then shampoo and towel-dry the hair.

6. Apply Formula B and process for five to 10 minutes, ensuring the hair reaches a pearly rose color. “I used 10-volume developer to lift her natural base just a little bit and used the developer as a toner, not a permanent color,” notes Ashley.

7. Rinse the hair and ensure the toner took all over. If necessary, repeat again. Condition and style as desired.

Cut: Cut the hair into a lob, framing the face. For this client, Ashley chopped off about 15 inches.

Pricing: $265