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October 4, 2016

How-To: Rose Gold Balayage

OK so we know you’re loving this rose gold trend, especially when it takes an already kick-ass balayage and turns it up a notch! Here's how #ONESHOT finalist Mika Parker Rogerson achieved this gorgeous rose gold dimension.

How-To: Rose Gold Balayage 

OK so we know you’re loving this rose gold trend. All your clients want it, it gives you tons of creative freedom and let’s talk about all those variations! You can make it subtle or in-your-face. You can try it on your platinum blondes or your sultry brunettes. It can be metallic or vibrant or smoky or barely-there. Oh, yeah. And it can take an already kick-ass balayage and turn it up a notch! That was the inspiration behind this totally on-trend creation from BTC #ONESHOT Hair Paint finalist Mika Parker Rogerson (@mikaatbhc) and Erin Bonney Hassell (@erin.boha_hair). “Erin’s hair was a beautiful color before, but we wanted to spice things up for fall and try out the season’s hottest trend,” says Mika. “We also decided to put our own little twist on it and make it super dimensional as well.” Nailed it. Here’s how Mika and Erin got the look. 

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Color Formulas 
Formula A (base and lowlights): Redken Shades EQ 1 oz. 5CB + ½ oz. 5RV

Formula B: 30-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

Formula C: Joico Color Intensity Confetti Collection Peach  

Apply Formula A to the base, and weave occasionally throughout the entire head to create dimension.

2. Balayage using Formula B, then rinse and dry the hair. 

Apply Formula C, and process for 20 minutes. Finish with an Olaplex No.2 treatment, then shampoo and condition. 

Style: Mika used L’ANZA Healing Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Treatment and Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump before styling Erin’s hair with a 1 ½-inch curling iron. She finished the look with Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Texture Spray

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