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Last updated: September 12, 2022

How To Refresh Blonde Clients in 3 Foils or Less

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @the.blonde.chronicles

Foiling: 4 Tips To Freshen Up Blondes

Have you ever tried touching up your blonde clients with just three foils? Yeah, you read that correctly—just three foils! Blonding expert and educator Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chronicles) has a tried and true method for refreshing her blondes with only two to four purposefully placed foils. 


BUT this unique technique isn’t for everyone. Carly uses this technique when she wants to utilize her client’s natural hair color and leave a good amount of hair out of the foils. If this sounds like your client’s hair goals, keep scrolling to see how it’s done. 


Slide for the Before & After!

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Struggling with saturation? Try this!

When it comes to application, having a hard surface to paint against changes everything. “Using a balayage board has completely changed the way I color hair. Once I started using a board, it was so much easier for me to create soft blends on hair and the looks that I was after,” Carly says. Say hello to better saturation and precision blending!


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Foil #1: start at the occipital bone

Skip teasing by using a blow dryer to push shorter, more fragile hairs and internal layers out of the way. Then, weave the entire section. Apply lightener with a foil and balayage board.


Remember that this technique is specifically for clients who aren’t looking for an extreme blonde. These minimal back foils are designed to add brightness and dimension to existing blonde without flattening the result over time.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @the.blonde.chronicles


Foil #2: the base of the crown

Use the same air touch technique, weaving and painting as with the former foil. The result: a brighter, more balanced blonde.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @the.blonde.chronicles


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Foil #3: the top of the head

Repeat the same technique at the top of the head to bring the entire look together.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @the.blonde.chronicles


Hit play to see Carly’s technique in action!

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