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November 22, 2016

How-To: Quick Curls, Perfect Texture

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What’s the one style you always need to be able to create quickly and flawlessly? We’ll tell you—waves. No matter what time of year it is, loose curls and low-key waves are always a great (and gorge!) go-to. 


We also know that styling and curling every strand  can take a toll on your body, that’s why Hot Tools® came up with a new and improved curling iron, the CURLBAR™. It’s specifically designed to help you create curls faster and more easily, and due to its innovative ergonomic design, it helps reduce strain in your arms, shoulders and wrists. A few more key features include:


  • Pulse Technology® and Gets Hot…Stays Hot® for fast heat up and instant heat recovery
  • 24k gold surface provides even heat distribution and is ideal for all hair types
  • Dial that rotates for timer settings and temperature control up to 450°F
  • Curl timer with vibrating notification
  • Universal dual voltage (great for travel!)
  • Two-hour auto shut-off
  • Soft touch handle for a comfortable grip
  • Separate on/off button
  • Glow light ring that flashes while heating up and is steady when set
  • Heat-resistant glove
  • Nine-foot professional swivel cord
  • Three-year warranty



“The Hot Tools “CURLBAR
” curling tool is getting lots of looks and interest in my salon. The shape of the tool immediately causes salon guests to look at what I am using. They love the curl results and the speed with which I can style their hair,” says Detra Smith, Artistic Director & Brand Ambassador.


Don’t just take our word for it, check out all the bells and whistles on the CURLBAR™ in the video below, and get our how-to for quick curls + perfect texture.



How-To: Quick Curls, Perfect Texture


1. Section and clip the hair.


2. Set temperature and timer on the CURLBAR™.


3. Activate the timer and start curling your client’s hair. You will feel and hear a buzz when it’s time to release the curl.


4. Continue to wrap your client’s hair around the barrel until all sections are curled. Remember to always release the curl gently into your hand before setting.


5. Finish the style with your favorite conditioning shine serum or oil.



Watch the video below for the complete how-to and more details on the CURLBAR™.




Stylists are already loving the CURLBAR™—check it out in action!



A video posted by Hot Tools (@hottoolspro) on


A video posted by Hot Tools (@hottoolspro) on


A video posted by Hot Tools (@hottoolspro) on