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November 8, 2016

How-To: Quick Contour Gloss

This lightning-fast contouring technique uses beige colors to enhance her facial features. The key is the fast Wella Professionals ILLUMINA COLOR glossing service, which gives your clients luminous shine just in time for the holidays and is an easy add-on service!


Wella Color Formulas
Formula A: Koleston Perfect 6/97 + 9% + Color.id

Formula B: Koleston Perfect 8/97 + 9% + Color.id

Formula C: Koleston Perfect 10/97 + 12% + Color.id

Formula D: ILLUMINA COLOR Glossing 5/81 + 6/19


1. Create a big triangle section from the front area down to the nape, leaving the perimeter free.

2. Working section by section, apply Formula A to the roots and alternate Formulas B and C through the midlengths and ends.

3. Before the end of the development time, apply Formula D to the triangle section on damp hair. Rinse, shampoo and neutralize.

4. To style, spray hair with EIMI Sugar Lift and blow-dry with some movement to the contours of the face to place focus on the color. Add more wave with a Wella Pro Curl, then fix the look with a bit of EIMI Super Set on your fingers to create undone definition.

Watch the whole process!