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January 29, 2017

How-To: Pink Sorbet



Nothing like some frothy pink sorbet to cleanse your palate! Justin Frost (@justinfrosthair), owner of MJ Studio in Studio City, Calif., did some makeover magic and we are loving it. Check out the how-to below!

Kadus Professional Color Formulas
Formula A: 1 part Blonding Powder + 2 parts 20-volume Extra Rich Crème Developer


Formula B: 1 part Demi-Permanent 10PA + 2 parts 6-volume Demi-Permanent Crème Developer

Formula C: 4 parts Demi-Permanent Clear + 1 part Demi-Permanent 5VV + 6-volume Demi-Permanent Crème Developer

1. Complete a retouch application with Formula A. Process for 50 minutes, then rinse and use Visible Repair Shampoo and Treatment.

2. Apply Formula B from the roots about ½ inch down, then apply to midshafts and ends. Process for 20 minutes.

3. Apply Formula C from the roots about 2 inches down. Process for 15 minutes, then pull through the ends and process for an additional 10 minutes.