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Last updated: July 19, 2017

How-To: Party-Ready Faux Hawk

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Your favorite client is super pumped for an upcoming summer party, so you know you’ve gotta give her something that will help her stand out. Well, nothing stands out better than braids AND a Mohawk, and this style combines both. Plus, add a fun little pop of color and you have a serious LOOK.




This look is made easier with DreamCatchers, which amps up skinny strands with super high-quality hair that can be styled and colored. Besides the top-knotch hair, DreamCatchers is really cool because of its maintenance program—they’re quick to initially install (with a micro-cylinder or tape method that doesn’t damage hair, so no glue) and must be maintained every four to six weeks which means MONEY. And DreamCatchers literally sends you clients! The company advertises in popular consumer mags (think People and US Weekly), then automatically directs customers right to you!


In order to get your phone ringing off the hook with new clients, you have to be certified—but DreamCatchers just made that easier with its online certification. Basically now you can use your iPhone to get certified.


Once you’ve got your certification (and full books), give this party-ready faux hawk a try!

 1. Create a Mohawk parting from the hairline to the nape and clip it out of the way.


 2. For the hair on either side of the Mohawk parting, create four skinny braids on each side. French braid from the hairline to about halfway between the occipital, then switch to a regular three-strand braid until you reach the end of the hair.


Pro Tip: Keep your sectioning clean and your braiding tension tight and even!


 3. Add custom colored extensions in a scattered placement throughout the Mohawk area.

Pro Tip: DreamCatchers extensions are fun because you can add just a few for a pop of color and they aren’t damaging to the hair!


 4. Release the Mohawk parting and curl all of the hair, especially at the crown for added volume.


 5. Tease the curls at the top of the head and begin pinning into the Mohawk shape.


 6. Use texture spray for grip, then ruche some of the curls to add more fullness.


 7. Pin the ruched curls at the crown.


 8. Touch up any curls as necessary and finish with a spray of hairspray.



Watch the DreamCatchers Video!