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August 1, 2016

How-To: Natural, Vibrant Pink

How-To: Natural, Vibrant Pink

Hair: Natalie Lupton, The Hair Secret (U.K.) for Organic Colour Systems
Photography: Shoot Me Studios

When you think “organic” and “natural,” what do you picture? Green smoothies? Soothing, subtle shades? What if we told you that this high-impact look is from an organic color line?

Do we have your attention now? We thought so. This how-to comes to us from Organic Colour Systems, a U.K.-based line that’s out to show the world that natural, organic haircolor has no limits.

Organic Colour Systems maximizes the use of gentle, nourishing and natural ingredients while minimizing the necessity for harsh, damaging chemical additives. It’s ammonia-free—actually, the brand was just awarded a U.S. and U.K. patent for its non-ammonia permanent haircolor formula, marking it as the first naturally-based, non-ammonia permanent haircolor formula to be patented in these markets. They’re innovators in the professional development of gentler, cleaner and high-performance haircolor.

Established in 1994, this company is THE pioneer in the introduction of natural and organic-based products in the salon market. Back then, “organic” and “natural” were definitely not the buzzwords what they are today—but the company held its ground, built its business and worked to keep the salon industry informed about potentially toxic ingredients in haircolor and hair care products. Since the beginning, Organic Colour Systems has strived to use certified organic ingredients first and foremost, supported by natural and/or naturally derived ingredients. The only use of synthetic ingredients comes when a suitable alternative isn’t available.

Coloring the hair with Organic Colour Systems ensures that the hair’s natural health and shine remain intact. The formula maintains the hair’s essential protein and moisture balance, making the hair look and feel in better condition. Not to mention that color fade is virtually eliminated, leaving your clients with a vibrant, glossy color.

But it’s more than just an amazing product. The Organic Colour Systems philosophy is the heart of the company: do things in the most natural and healthy way possible, with a conscious decision to treat the hair and the health of your clients (and yourself) with the utmost respect.

Karine Jackson is an ambassador for the brand and has worked exclusively for Organic Colour Systems for the past seven years. Karine was named Chancellor of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, London Hairdresser of the Year by the British Hairdressing Awards and runs a highly successful organic salon in London, so we definitely trust her expertise.

“Health concerns are one of the reasons I switched to Organic Colour Systems” Karine says. “I had a permanent cough which I attributed to London living, but within a week of switching color brands, my cough had gone.” Her disappearing cough, likely due to the ammonia-free formula, is just one of the reasons she supports the brand. And she’s definitely not the only one, others across the U.K. and the world are becoming converts, too.

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The line used to only be available in the U.S. via a third-party distributor, but American salons can now work directly with the brand, who has a dedicated U.S. sales, customer support and education team as well as an Eastern distribution hub in Massachusetts and a brand new Western hub opening in Las Vegas this month. Plus, the company launched a new education program last fall, and they conduct regular training from venues in Orlando, Chicago, Barrington, Ill., Seattle, New York and even Ontario.

Organic Colour Systems helps their partner salons stand out, providing eco-alternative products such as biodegradable towels. Their color and care formulas are so gentle, they can be washed down the sink without posing a risk to aquatic life (as can their packing chips, which are made from corn!). The line is cruelty-free (endorsed by PETA and Choose Cruelty Free) and safe for your vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free clients. And they lead by example—at their main facilities, they monitor electricity and water usage and recycle as much as possible. Even their color bottles are made from recycled material, and all of their packaging can be fully recycled!

Interested? Check out the how-to and see if you’ll be a convert, too!

Organic Colour Systems Formulas
Formula A: Naturlite Lightening Powder + 6% cream developer

Formula B: 1 pump No Limits Blue + 2 scoops Power Build Treatment

Formula C: 1 pump No Limits Hot Pink + 2 scoops Power Build Treatment

Formula D: 1 tsp No Limits Hot Pink + 3 scoops Power Build Treatment

Pro Tip: The Power Build Treatment dilutes the color so you can achieve pale or pastel shades.


1. Use a Platinum Card technique with Formula A to prelighten hair to Level 11. (This is a foiling technique in which ALL the hair is contained in foils, giving you the most control over lift with as little damage as possible.) Apply the same formula to the roots.

2. Section the hair into four quadrants. Start with Formula C, and apply to the roots. Avoid creating a line as you blend down slightly.

3. Take a 1-inch section starting at the nape and create small diamond shapes, applying Formulas B, C and D in a random order. Try to keep the small diamond shapes in different sizes to create a natural flow. Follow this pattern up the head, but once you get to the top of the hair, use Formulas C and D only—keep Formula B toward the lower sections only.

4. Process for 30 minutes.

5. Rinse the hair thoroughly—DO NOT shampoo. Once rinsed, apply conditioner and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse again and style.

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