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January 4, 2016

How-To: Multidimensional Metallic Plum

This amazing, multidimensional purple by @holliegivesgoodhair, was created using a blend of Schwarzkopf Professional colors. Here's how Hollie did it!

Multidimensional Metallic Plum


So it’s safe to say we’re totally obsessed with this color from hair painting, balayage and ombré expert @holliegivesgoodhair, at LUX salon in Stockton, Calif. Hollie’s first-time client came to her inspired by the rose golds and deep purples she’s spotted on Instagram recently. Other than that, she left the creative process entirely up to Hollie! “I decided to go with a color that I know first-hand will start off as a deep and metallic plum and end up as a rose gold by the time her next appointment rolls around,” shares Hollie. Here’s her amazing, multidimensional purple she created using Schwarzkopf Professional.


Starting Level: 8/9 with a Level 6 base

Color Formulas

Formula A: 20 grams 4-99 + 20 grams 6-99 + 2 inches 0-89 + 10-volume developer

Formula B: 42 grams 9,5-89 + 1 inch 6-99 + 2 inches 0-89 + ½-inch 0-22


1. Section the hair into quadrants and apply Formula A in ¼-inch subsections from the base, 3 inches down, feathering slightly.

2. Process for 20 minutes.

3. Apply Formula B to each sub-section, and marry the two colors to ensure a perfect blend.

4. Process for 30 minutes.

5. Shampoo, condition and style.