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August 25, 2016

How-To: Moneymaking Color Pop

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She wants a pop of teal, but is not about that fashion color fading—and TBH, you’re a little concerned about lightening her deep locks anyway. The solution? The new OMK extension from DreamCatchers! It’s a deeply rooted, ombré extension made of real hair, but the fashion color will last double the amount of time that the same shade would last on her own hair. Amazing, right?




DreamCatchers Educator Kat Lewis installs these extensions as a halo in the front of the head. “It’s not stripey, but offers a lot of bang for my buck,” she says. And once you give your client this look, you know you’ll be rolling in the dough—the DreamCatchers maintenance program is such that they are quick to initially install (with a micro-cylinder OR tape method that doesn’t damage hair) and must be maintained every four to six weeks! Plus, DreamCatchers literally sends clients to you! They run ads in popular magazines like “US Weekly,” then sends clients right to your salon. Not certified? No problem—now you can use your iPhone to get certified! Take an Insta break, get DreamCatchers-certified, and try this fun color pop look on your fave client!


Watch The Whole Process!


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