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February 17, 2016

How-To: Justin Bieber’s Dashing ‘Do

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The mop-top ‘tween heartthrob with the signature hair flip has become quite dapper in recent years. Justin Bieber showed up on the Grammy red carpet with a new, platinum hue, dashing ‘stache and immaculately groomed style, courtesy of his mane man Florido from Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles.



To get the look, Florido revealed that he first misted Bieb’s damp hair with with UNITE BOOSTA Spray, focusing on the front section where the most amount of lift was required. Next, he mixed in a pump of UNITE’s U Oil to soften and protect the hair from the heat. He performed a directional blow dry, brushing the strands in the direction of the finished style. Once finished, he added a dime-sized amount of GO247 Grooming Cream. “This stuff is amazing,” says Florido, “because it starts off soft, but once you work it through the hair and slick it, it stiffens and keeps the hair where you want it.”


So can we talk inspiration for a moment? “My inspiration for this look, and every other look, stems from a number of things,” says Florido. “Where we are going? What is he wearing? It was the Grammys, and he was nominated (and won!) so we HAD to turn things up and send our boy off looking dapper and clean for his big moment!”