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March 3, 2017

How-To: Installing, Cutting and Styling Extensions

Extension services are a HUGE moneymaker, and now it’s easier than ever to get certified, get clients and start making money. Check out the video below for everything on extensions, from installation to maintenance to cutting to styling!



This Facebook Live video from DreamCatchers, featuring CEO Chris Volek and Head of Education Kat Lewis, fully breaks down the extension techniques you need to know. Plus, @lalasupdos shows how to create a gorgeous updo on long, thick locks! We even found the time code for every topic, so make sure you watch!


I-tip installation: 8:25
Updo with @lalasupdos: 16:40
Tape-in installation: 28:50
Installing for volume: 38:10
Installing for color enhancement: 45:35
Cutting tape extensions with a razor: 53:03
Maintenance techniques: 59:35
Cutting extensions with shears: 1:07:39


Watch the Facebook Live!


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