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April 20, 2016

How-To: High/Low Blonde

Need a natural-looking blonde composition? This technique helps bring icy shades back down to earth with neutral gold, honey lowlights. The secret to harmonious lowlights? Apply them delicately to avoid blonde freakouts, according to Joico Celebrity Colorist Denis de Souza. Here’s a quick technique to add dimension to your “flat whites.”


Joico Color Formulas
Formula A (highlights): 1 oz. Vero K-PAK Crème Lightener + 1 oz. LumiShine 10-volume developer

Formula B (lowlights): 1 oz. LumiShine Permanent Crème 8NG + 1 oz. LumiShine 5-volume developer

Formula C (new growth): 1 oz. LumiShine Permanent XLAA + 1 oz. LumiShine 40-volume developer

Starting Level: Natural Level 5 with regrowth


Apply Formula A and B to desired strands.

2. As highlights and lowlights process, apply Formula C to new growth.

3. Process for a total of 35 minutes.

4. Rinse, shampoo and condition the hair.


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