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April 11, 2017

How-To: Hidden Rainbow by Sonya Dove

Ready for some serious #HairInspiration? When we saw this gorgeous hidden rainbow backstage at the 2017 North American Wella TrendVision Regional Competition, we had to share it with the BTC Community. Color expert Sonya Dove created this optical illusion-inspired look and it has already racked up more than 125,000 views on Instagram! With all of that attention, we had to get the color formulas and how-to. Check them out below!



From up-and-coming stylists to color experts, some of the industry’s most creative and innovative work was celebrated on the Wella stage. Top artists including Sonya Dove, Anthony Cole and Diane Stevens headlined the event and showcased exclusive looks and onstage demos. The evening concluded with the announcement of the semi-finalists moving on to the 2017 International TrendVision Awards in London this November. Think you have what it takes?


Wella Professionals Color Formulas:
Formula A:
 Blondor Multi Blonde Lightening Powder + 30-volume developer


Formula B: Illumina Permanent Creme Hair Color 7/31 + 20-volume developer


Side One
Formula C (blue/teal panel):
equal parts Koleston Perfect Special Mix 0/28 + Koleston Perfect Pastel Creme Developer


Formula D (violet/purple panel): 2 parts Color Touch 10/6 + 1 part Koleston Perfect Special Mix 0/68 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Formula E (pale green): equal parts Color Touch Instamatic Jaded Mint + Color Touch Instamatic Ocean Storm + a dot of Color Touch Special Mix 0/88 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Formula F (lavender panel): Illumina 9/60 + a dot of Koleston Perfect Special Mix 0/66 + Koleston Perfect Pastel Creme Developer


Side Two
Formula G (pink panel):
Koleston Perfect Special Mix 0/65 + 10-volume developer


Formula H (orange panel): Color Touch Special Mix 0/34 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Formula I (red panel): Color Touch Special Mix 0/45 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Formula J (yellow panel): Magma by Blondor Limoncello + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


 Take two triangular sections on each side of the head. In back-to-back slices, apply Formula A. Process until the hair is a Level 10 pale gold color.


2. Apply Formula B to the remaining hair.


3. Divide the hair into two sections. Starting on one side and taking vertical slices, apply Formula C, Formula D, Formula E and Formula F to separate sections. 


4. On the opposite side, repeat by taking vertical slices. Apply Formula G, Formula H, Formula I and Formula J to separate sections.


Finished Look