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October 31, 2016

How-To: Her Dream Hair in One Appointment

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She wants volume. She wants shine and she wants length. She wants the hair you see on every celebrity, every day and she wants it fast. She wants the resilience of bonded extensions and the speedy application time of tape-ins. She wants it all, so give it to her with a combination of the Great Lengths premium bonded extensions and the GL Apps by Great Lengths Tape-In Extensions. Here’s how.


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1. Begin the first row at the nape with the Great Lengths bond attachment, starting from the center and working toward the left side up to ½-inch from the hairline. Repeat on the left side and continue up the head with an additional two rows. 



2. On the left side, place an additional two rows above the ear. Repeat on the right side. Now the perimeter is complete with the GL bond attachments.



3. Now apply the GL Apps Tape-ins. Beginning at the center back of the head above the row of bonded attachments, place the GL Apps working from center to the left and then repeat on the right.



4. Now apply another row of GL Apps tape-ins above the row you just attached.



5. After all extensions have been added, use a soft-cutting technique to blend the extensions and hair together for a beautiful, long-layered look.


Watch the video for the complete application process
and cutting how-to! 



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