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Last updated: June 24, 2021

How To: Foil Pattern For A Triple Weave & Tease

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Triple Weave & Tease Technique For Bright Blonding

Balayage artist and #ONESHOT 2021 Top 100 triple nominee, Jessica Scott Santo (@jessicascotthair) shares her triple weave & tease technique that is perfect for clients wanting high contrasted, dimensional blonde color.


This technique adds brightness back into blonding services by using a back to back foiling technique which creates what Jessica refers to as, “the bright pops” that clients are always looking for!


Sectioning For The Triple Weave

1. The first of the three sections will be created from a basic highlight weave (Jessica suggests making this weave a bit finer than normal). This section will be clipped up and out of the way until ready to foil.


2. The second section is made of the hair that was left out from the first weave along with a little extra hair to allocate for teasing. This section will also be clipped up and out of the way until time to foil.



3. The third section will be a thin slice and teased to the root. This will also be the first section to be painted with lightener!




Tease, Foil, & Lightener Placement 

  • The “tease” in a triple weave and tease is important to create depth and dimension within the client’s blonde color. Teasing will be heaviest in the third section and slightly less in the second section—depending upon what look the client is going for, use your discretion on how heavy of a tease each section needs!


  • Foiling placement for a triple weave and tease works from bottom to top in the three sections created to ensure foils will not slip! The first and second foil will be painted using any technique, allowing for creativity with the lightener placement depending on what look your client is going for.


  • After teasing and foiling the two bottom sections the first section will be unclipped, becoming the last foil. This section will not be teased and instead painted with lightener strokes feathering up toward the root! Because this section will be laying over the other two teased sections, not teasing before this final foil  allows the top most section to pop against the deeper tones created underneath. 


The bold sections that are taken in the triple weave and tease allow for a visible blonde look beyond just highlights, especially on clients with a lot of hair. Check out Jessica’s full IG video below for her talk-through technique along with another video utilizing the triple weave & tease for grey coverage!


@jessicascotthair Triple Weave & Tease Explanation


@jessicascotthair Triple Weave & Tease + Grey Coverage