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September 18, 2016

How-To: Easy Mermaid Hair

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Mermaid hair is still going strong, but skinny locks just can’t pack the same punch—so give her some extensions! Massive volume pumps her up, plus you can create the perfect color on the extensions before you install. Check it out!



DreamCatchers are perfect for this look because the initial install is super quick (with a micro-cylinder method that doesn’t damage hair) and the maintenance program guarantees your client will be back every four to six weeks (cha-ching!). Also, DreamCatchers literally sends clients to you! They run ads in popular magazines like US Weekly, which sends clients right to your salon. Not certified? No problem—now you can use your iPhone to get certified!





Some tips on getting this amazing mermaid look from DreamCatchers Ambassador Kristi Eddo:


• Color the extensions before you install to prevent colors bleeding onto each other.

• Use different colors of extensions for more depth. For this look, Kristi used Level 11 AND ombré extensions.

• Spread out the extensions on foil as much as possible so you get complete color saturation.

• Keep your hands clean, wiping them down as you go, to avoid spotting the extensions.

• Write down your formulas before you start so you can recreate your exact colors if you need to mix more.




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