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June 13, 2016

How-To: Dusty Rose Shadow Root

Let's talk about this PERFECT dusty summer rose! Gorgeous, right?! Get it in your salon!

How-To: Dusty Rose
Shadow Root

Let’s talk about this PERFECT dusty summer rose! Gorgeous, right?! First Samantha Schnell (@sojourn_), a stylist at Lavish Hair Lounge in Albuquerque, New Mexico, created this sweet hue, and then she complemented it with a sharp, A-line cut. Here’s how she did it!

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Starting Level: 7 Base

Color Formulas
Formula A:
Paul Mitchell SynchroLift Ultra-Quick Blue Powder Lightener + 20-volume developer

Formula B: 20g BES Beauty & Science 6.1 + 3g 01 + N.1 + 5-volume developer

Formula C:
 Equal parts Hi-Fi Hair Color F.10 (Ulexite) + .F.21 (Ametista) + 5g F.91 (Cianite) + N.2 + 10-volume developer


1. Apply Formula A all over the head. Rinse with ColorProof’s Super Rich Moisturizing Shampoo.  

2. Next, use Formula B to place the base, achieving a smoky, stretched root.

3. Use Formula C on the midlengths and ends, then process for 15 minutes and rinse with ColorProof’s Super Plump System.

Cut and Style
“I used my straight razor for her haircut, stacking it up from the occipital and slowly blending it down diagonally toward her chin, removing the excess bulk and providing lots of texture and movement within her layers/fringe area,” says Samantha. “Then
I styled her using ColorProof’s Lift It Volumizing Root Lift, Plush Locks Leave-In Conditioner and finished with Texture Charge Texture Spray.”

Total price: $133

All-Over Lightener: $78
Toner: $20
Women’s Haircut: $35 

*Samantha mentioned her prices vary depending on how much product is used.

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