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August 24, 2016

How-To: Disruptive Color With Color Attach

You say you want a revolution? Good, because L’ANZA Healing Haircare is bringing it. The brand just launched its highly anticipated, botanical-infused Color Attach System, and trust us—this is a game-changer.

Why? The landmark, first-to-market technology is the first to enhance color intensity, shine and vitality at once, with dramatic results. The core technology allows color to attach itself more firmly to the inner cortex of hair. Super-futuristic, invisible color pigment optimization provides richer and brighter color, more even coverage and longer-lasting results. This stuff promises to deliver more than 100 percent longer-wearing haircolor.


Like a social media filter, Color Attach products sharpen and saturate the subtle hues found in each hair strand, taking both natural and processed hair color to new heights. The Color Attach System is an efficient, user-friendly product assortment that does not require any mixing, measuring, or color dilution. Results are immediately noticeable and include increased shine, extended haircolor and improved color intensity. The range truly defines a new category all its own.



Watch L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman create this look using Color Attach!