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October 19, 2016

How-To: Contoured Bob

A classic bob, a subtle ombré, a few, strategic face-framing pieces. There’s something to be said about a color that looks simple, yet when done just right is absolutely stunning. That’s definitely the case here. “[This client] had been trying to achieve a more solid ombré at other salons,” shares Gabrielle Marquez (@givemegabrielle), a stylist at Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, Ga.. “She wanted it to look ‘pretty’ and ‘natural,’ yet she kept getting a ‘foiled’ look.” So Gabrielle grabbed her lightener and got to work, ultimately achieving this multidimensional, painted masterpiece that’s perfect for clients looking for a seasonal color shift!


Natural Level: 6


Color Formulas
Formula A (face frame): 30g Aveda Enlightener + 60g 10-volume developer + 7.5g Olaplex No.1


Formula B (front quadrants): 30g Redken Free Hand Blonde Idol + 45g 30-volume developer + 3.5g Olaplex No.1


Formula C (back quadrants): 30g Redken Free Hand Blonde Idol + 45g 40-volume developer + 3.5g Olaplex No.1


Formula D (gloss): Redken Shades EQ 1 oz. 09GI + 1/4 oz. 09V + 3/4 oz. Clear + Processing Solution


Face frame with Formula A using foils in back-to-back weaves.


2. Balayage the front two quadrants with Formula B. Note: Gabrielle did not leave any hair in between sections, as her client requested it be solid in the front.


3. Balayage the back two quadrants (this time leaving a little hair in between sections) with Formula C.


4. Process under a Rollerball for 25 minutes, then rinse.


5. Tone using Formula D, and process for five minutes. “I feel this gloss gives the perfect neutral/champagne/iridescent tone to the hair,” says Gabrielle, “and it’s absolutely breathtaking.”


Total Process Time: 3 hours for consultation, color application and processing time and blow-dry/style.


Pricing: Color: $130; Olaplex: $25; Total: $155



Contoured Bob … Color: @givemegabrielle Cut: @moriahanderson from @vanmichaelsalon #BEHINDTHECHAIR

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