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June 14, 2016

How-To: Coconut Blonde

Looking for summer's perfect blonde? How about something bold and bright but with soft, natural transitions? Yeah. We thought so. Get it here!


Bold yet containing soft, natural transitions is how Dana Bremner, creator of the Balayroo Color Applicator, characterizes the “it” blonde of this season. “I also like to add a shadow root, which is a strong trend this summer,” Dana notes.

To create this look, Dana smudged the root area with a neutral beige shade and applied balayage highlights in a V-formation using the Balayroo, an innovative hand device that allows for exact, smooth color placement with no spilling or leaking.

Paul Mitchell Color Formulas
Formula A (base): PM Shines XG 7NB + 5-volume developer

Formula B (highlights): Synchro Lift Lightener + 30-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

How-To: V-Formation Application

1. Before beginning, load the Balayroo with your lightener.

2. Section the hair into four quadrants. Take a thin slice from the hair above the ear and weave out three large sections.
Note: Remember to always start at the base of your section and work your way up!

3. Take your Balayroo and run it through the hair in a sweeping motion. Apply your highlight higher to each outside weave and lower to the center weave.
Pro Tip: Use the inside edge of the Balayroo to pull extra product back in!

4. Gather the entire section and apply color to the ends for an ombré effect. Continue this upward, throughout all 4 quadrants.

5. When you reach the hairline in the front, bring the highlights all the way up to the scalp.
Pro Tip: Apply color lower than where the highlight should start, then fan the product going upward to soften the line using the top corner edge of the Balayroo.


Watch it here!