How To Cheat Perfect Loose Waves

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Quickie: Cheat Waves In 10 Minutes Or Less With This Pro Waving Wand

Your clients want those beachy, undone waves they’re seeing on Instagram but it’s taking you FOREVER to make it happen with a Marcel iron—especially on long layers and extensions! Here’s a trick: Watch this quickie video from @adina_pignatare and learn how to cheat perfect loose waves with a triple-barrel waving iron in less than 10 minutes. 


Watch The #BTCQuickie Video Below!



Check Out A Few Cool Takeaway Tips:


  • The Line One Waver prevents you from having to remember (or forget!) which way to curl. Instead, its three barrels create consistent waves on every section. Bonus: This makes it the perfect tool to teach your clients how to achieve fast waves at home.


  • Clients with extensions or tons of hair? This tool is not only extensions-safe, but it also cuts down waving time to under 10 minutes, even on longer lengths with higher density.


  • For clients with bobs and lobs, here’s a pro tip: Leave out the ends to achieve Insta-worthy waves without the dreaded bob flip-out.


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Here’s Another Fast Tutorial! 👀


Tap Through Some Of Our Fave Looks Created With The Waver!



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