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April 20, 2016

How-To: Brunette to Blonde

How-To: Brunette to Blonde


It’s always in to be a blonde–but the season of blonde is officially here. We’re talkin’ those sun-kissed locks and beach-blonde hues that everyone is asking for. Recently, BTC joined Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana for his Programs of Passion class at Andreas Hogue Salon and it was all about those blondes! The class, “B to B: a Brunettes Journey to Lightness” taught different ways to better your blondes and we got a how-to from man who loves his blondes! Here’s how you can take your brunette clients to that sun-kissed blonde color that’s perfect for the season!

Color Formulas
Formula A: Light Master + 30-volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Formula B: Light Master + 20-volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Formula C: COLOR SYNC 1 oz. 10N + 1/2 oz. 8N + 1/4 oz. 10WN + 1/4 oz. 10P + 10-volume MATRIX Cream Developer

Formula D: 2 oz. SPGV + 1/2 oz.10A + 10-volume MATRIX Cream Developer

1. Always start big color transformations with a test strand. This will help you know how the hair is going to take and if the color your client wants can be achieved.

2. Section the hair into 4 quadrants and begin working up the head. Take small onion-sliced sections and apply formula A to the midlengths using a feather approach and leaving out 1-inch sections at the root.

3. Apply formula B to your clients ends, blending up into formula A.

4. Leave lightener on the hair until desired result is achieved or 55 minutes. Then squeegee out excess lightener and add in more where needed.

5. Shampoo and condition hair using Matrix Total Results Miracle Morpher Slim Down.

6. Towel-dry the hair and work Formula C into the hair at the roots and down about 4 inches. Then work through formula D from the midlengths to the ends.