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October 13, 2016

How-To: Bonfire Melt

What happens when a client comes in wanting a color that’s bold, different and a little out of your comfort zone when it comes to the creation process? You take a step back, consult the client’s wants and figure out your best plan of action! That’s exactly what Haley Estep (@haleymestep), winner of Keratin Complex’s UNMASK A HERO Contest, did when her friend walked into her salon this past summer wanting a fierce, fiery color melt.

The created shade was so hot (literally!) that she not only won the contest, but scored tickets to BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style show, too. The look Haley created blended fiery colors of red, orange and yellow to create something completely original. Not only did Haley have to color her client’s hair, but the look involved extensions, too. So the night before her client’s appointment, she went home after working a 12-hour day and colored the extensions in her mom’s kitchen!

Haley finds that these after hours simply come with the territory of being a salon owner and being so passionate about the work she does. “I love what I do, if I’m not doing more hair or coloring when I get home, it’s going through emails from the day. If I didn’t love it, I couldn’t do it!” Haley said. Which is the exact kind of stylist UNMASK A HERO looks to celebrate—magnificent talent mixed with a love for their work. Here’s how this hairdressing hero created her winning look.


Natural/Starting Level
Level 6 ombré base into Level 9 ends 

Keratin Complex Color Formulas
Formula A (Base): 30ml 5.56/5MR + 30ml 20-volume developer

Formula B (Red/Orange): 20ml .06/R + 10ml 44/CC + 30ml 10-volume developer

Formula C (Yellow): 20ml .03/G + 10ml .33/GG + 30ml 10-volume developer


1. Keeping the natural part, divide the hair into two sections on each side of the head from the apex of the head down behind the ear. Divide the remaining hair in the back into two sections, horizontally and right above the ears.

2. Begin applying Formula A to the bottom section in the back of the head. When applying, divide the hair into vertical subsections, hold the hair out from the head to blend application varying the length of application.

3. Apply Formula B to the midshaft and ends, blending with Formula A at the base. On every fourth subsection melt Formula A into Formula B into Formula C.  

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the remaining sections. Let hair process for 35 minutes.


5. Shampoo and condition with Keratin Complex Timeless Color. Then, blow-dry and style as desired using Vitavolume, Glowtion Potion, Infusion and Thermo Shine.

Haley with her award for winning
Keratin Complex’s UNMASK A HERO Contest!