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December 12, 2015

How-To: Blue Violet Twist



Using Flamboyage Meche Strips, Thuy was able to create a multidimensional blend with no slipping or bleeding. The self-adhesive nature of the Meche Strips allowed her to grab spontaneous pieces of hair—making this blend both natural and dynamic! See how she did it! 

Starting Level: Natural Level 3 regrowth, with a preexisting balayage—Level 7 on the lightened areas, Level 5 on the rest.

Color Formulas
Formula A (Lightener):
Rusk DeepShine White Luminating Powder Lightener + 40-volume developer
Formula B (Toner): Wella Professional Color Charm 3A (for roots)
Formula C (Toner): Color Charm equal parts 8A and 9A (for midshaft and ends)
Formula D: Pravana Chromasilk Vivids equal parts blue and violet/purple


1. Apply Formula A 2 inches from the scalp all the way through the ends. Comb everything through.

2. After 20 minutes, quickly apply Formula A again to the roots and comb. 

3. Dry for 30 minutes, checking every 5-10 minutes to make ensure no parts of the hair over-processes. Wash the hair.

“Toning was necessary to cancel some red undertones from her previous dye,” says Thuy.  “Also, toning her roots darker creates a more seamless regrowth and a better blend from roots to end.”

4. Apply Formula B to an inch of the roots. After 7 minutes, tone the rest of the hair using Formula C. Comb the hair from roots to ends and process for another five minutes before rinsing.

5. Apply Formula D all over, an inch from the scalp all through the ends.

6. Process for 30 minutes.