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February 11, 2016

How-To: Autumn Red Crown Twist and Braided Side Pony

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Looking for new ways to finish with style, beyond the usual post-color blow-out? Goldwell Regional Guest Artist Michelle Vance decided this rich autumn red color deserved something special before her client left the salon, so she devised two quick (and we mean quick) and sexy twists!


Braided Side Pony



1. Prep damp strands with Goldwell StyleSign Glamour Whip Brilliance Styling Mousse and dry the hair. Finish with Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Keratin Care Oil.

2. Create a side part from the front hair line to the nape.


3. Create a French braid on the reverse side starting at the front.


4. Direct the remaining hair towards the braid and spiral wrap as shown.


Low Crown Twist



1. Place a hairband around the head and pin to secure.


2. Starting in the front, create 1/4-inch sections from each side and wrap them around the headband. Continue until both sides meet in the center, and tuck away remaining hair.


3. Lightly pull on the crown and the twist to create extra volume.


Goldwell Color Formulas:
Formula A/new growth: 80ml Colorance Cover Plus Lotion + 20ml 7NN + 20ml 7KG
Formula B/midshafts and ends: 80ml Colorance lotion + 15ml7KG + 20ml8OR+ 5ml 9KG