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September 19, 2016

How-To: Alternative Style

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. The newest collection by the Alterna Haircare Global House of Experts proves that by fusing luxury, fashion and beauty from around the world—breaking the boundaries of international style. For Alterna, this is the norm. It’s the combination of six talented stylists with a product that delivers and a brand that believes in an unparalleled quality.  

Artur Kirsh using the Caviar Style Collection line.
The Global House of Experts combines six stylists who come from different parts of the world and bring their own individual experiences to the table for Alterna Haircare. The team includes: Rita Perna-Allor, Nate Rosenkranz, Bill Tsikinaris, Antonio Velotta, Megan Thompson and Artur Kirsh. Here’s a taste of what style means to each of these trendsetting experts.
“Style is my art,” says Rita. “My canvas just so happens to be hair.” And with more than 27 years in the beauty industry and more than 16 years with Alterna, Rita is a stylist the brand trusts to bring its vision to life. A technical master, Rita has a keen eye for detail and a passion for the art that is hairstyling.
“Style is about mastering the rules so you can break them as an artist,” says Nate. And it’s because of his diverse professional background that this piece of advice truly works for Nate and the Alterna team. Beginning his career in architecture, then culinary arts and then to the world of hair, Nate is completely seasoned with style and he has worked on big-time celebs including James Franco and Lily Rabe.
Bill says, “Style is about testing the limits of hair creation,” and when you’re published in more than 72 publications across 22 countries, we can trust that Bill knows what he’s talking about. Bill has taken on the role of Australian Ambassador for Alterna Haircare and continues to drive the educational platform for Alterna’s Prestige Program.

“Style is about mastering the rules so you can break them
as an artist,” says Nate Rosenkranz.

Antonio takes everything to the next level. For him, style can do it all. “Style is more than creating, it’s about transforming,” he says. Born in Sicily, he’s fashion-focused and has perfected every look from punk rock to trendy and polished—he’s the total package for Alterna.
“Style is about making the client love the way she looks,” says Megan. Which makes perfect sense considering she grew up in the industry and knows all the essential techniques for how to elevate education. As a celebrity stylist and with her commitment to the industry and environment, she’s become a vital asset on the Alterna creative team in every way imaginable.
And last but not least, Artur, who simply says it all: “Style is more than a technique, it’s an attitude.” He’s a go-to for celeb clients and runway shows, plus with his Russian background and NYC state of mind he’s become an unstoppable force in the industry. He’s created his own method of cutting and coloring and continues to push the envelope when it comes to anything and everything style related.  
The Alterna Caviar Style Collection is a recently-launched product line that features Flex-Strength Complex, allowing you the flexibility to create any style while providing ingredients that strengthen and protect hair’s integrity, so you have the freedom to deliver any style while preserving the health of your client’s hair. The collection features five products, ensuring there is something for every client sitting in your chair and allowing you to create beautiful styles that are sure to last.