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April 27, 2016

How-To: 3 Quick Hair Cheats

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 Jordan Cheyenne, the 2015 Hairdo It Girl, shines with polished and positive vibes! 


Here is a secret: it is okay to cheat! At least when it comes to adding volume and length to your client’s hair. Kristina Barricelli, Hairdo Brand Ambassador and Senior Stylist at Gemini 14 Salon in New York City shares with us how she helps her clients achieve their dream hair with Hairdo clip-in extensions. “Clients come in with different pictures of the looks they would like to have based on something they saw on the red carpet, or on a celebrity, and I tell them, ‘There are extensions used here!'” Kristina reveals. Think your clients might be intimidated by clip-in extensions? Kristina and 2015 Hairdo It Girl contest winner Jordan Cheyenne shows us how easy it is to use clip-ins for a variety of looks! Check out the three looks below created during the It Girl Photoshoot in NYC!


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“I really believe you are what you wearin the sense that if you wake up and put yourself together, and you feel good about yourself, you’ll have a great day,” Kristina reminds us.


Look 1: The Perfect Pony

Ponytails are deceiving—what we think of being an easy style may just be the hardest to do! Ponytails are a foundation style that go with everything, Kristina shares. That is why the Hairdo Long Wave Pony is a go-to accessory, just like your favorite pair of wedges. Also, don’t be intimidated by wearing the clip-ins every day—”Just because it isn’t perfect the first time, keep practicing,” Kristina says. “It will get to the point where you can do it without a mirror!”


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How-To Hairdo:
1. Smooth the hair, gather and secure with an elastic.


2. Place the comb of the Long Wave Pony at the top of the ponytail and wrap the Long Wave Pony at the base to secure the clip-in.


3. Wrap the side-section of hair from the Long Wave Pony and secure at the base.


Look 2: Flirty And Fun Updo!


Ditch the cliché date night look! “Every date night doesn’t have to be a sexy look—being cute, fun and flirty sometimes gets lost when women are getting ready for date night,” Kristina shares. “I think fun, flirty and cute are appreciated by your date!” The flirty and fun updo is unique because it combines two pieces, the Highlight Wrap and the French Braid Band. Not only will your client’s guy appreciate her adorbs look, so will her girlfriends!



Look 3: Girl In The City


When your client is out and about, she wants to look her absolute best and hair products only go so far to support her hair. Cue the 23″ Wavy ExtensionPerfect for a night out on the town, the clip-in extension moves and grooves with your client as she struts her stuff. Not only does the 23″ Wavy Extension have less clips to tangle with, it doesn’t frizz! Pro Tip: Style the clip-in prior to affixing it in the client’s hair. After you have styled the clip-in, pin to hold in place, put the clip-in in a plastic freezer bag and pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It will hold its shape forever, Kristina promises! 



How-To Hairdo:
1. Section the hair around the crown and at the top of the occipital. Clip the section away.


2. Following the shape of the client’s head, affix the 23″ Wavy Extension underneath the occipital.


3. Once the clip-in is secure, unclip the crown section.


4. Style the hair to blend with the clip-in. Finish with hairspray.



Before                                           After


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