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June 15, 2016

How-To: 2 Techno-Inspired Festival Looks

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Festival season is upon us, and while some of your music-loving clients are free-spirited hippies who listen to Father John Misty and dress like Vanessa Hudgens, we know there are others who are more into glow sticks, flashing lights and a pounding bass. Need some inspiration for their festival looks? Here’s what your EDM enthusiast will want to be sporting when the beat drops.


Bubble Braids

By Jordan Pomeroy; @jbraidsandbows


1. Start by prepping the hair with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.Then, divide the hair into three equal panels, parting from the forehead to the base of the neck.


2. In the center panel, create a section that sits about 3 inches from the front and fasten it with a small elastic. 


3. Extract a thin section from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Secure with a bobby pin.


4. Create another section about 3 inches below the first in the center panel and secure as before, covering the elastic with hair.


Gently pull at the sides of the hair between the first two
bands, forming the first “bubble.”


6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you’ve reached the base of the neck in the middle panel.


7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 on the side panels. When complete, there will be three ponytails at the end of each panel at the base of the neck.


8. Braid the middle ponytail with a simple three-strand braid and pancake the sides to achieve the desired fullness and texture. Secure with an elastic.


9. With the two outside ponytails, create a single, tight fishtail braid that sits on top of the three-strand braid. Secure with an elastic, and spray hair with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Strong to complete the look.



Get Fun and Funky


To spice up an Electric Daisy look, try these fun and funky colored dreads from @afterglowdreads by founder and owner Rachel Rogers, who hand-blends synthetic hair to produce gorgeous pastel colors, leaving no two dreads alike. To create the dreads, she backcombs each pre-colored section thoroughly, then crochets to make each extension durable. After each dread is crocheted, it’s sealed with heat to hold the shape and form, then shipped out to Etsy clients all across the world! To attach, you only need a basic knowledge of braiding. The braid should “walk” down the extension and can be bound at the end. According to Rachel, they can be worn for months at a time and can be reapplied for years with proper care.