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June 15, 2016

How-To: 2 Country-Inspired Festival Looks

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She’s sweet, chic and totally in love with Luke Bryan (who isn’t?). She’s wearing jean shorts and her favorite cowboy boots to Country 500, but if she’s undecided about her hair, suggest these sexy Southern styles.


Sweet and Side-swept

By Artur Kirsh, Alterna Haircare Global House of Experts Stylist


1. Apply Alterna Caviar Thick & Full Volume Mousse to damp hair. Blow-dry hair until completely dry.


2. Spray Bamboo Uplifting Hair Spray from scalp to ends and tousle-dry the product into the hair. Create 1- to 11/2-inch sections and gently backcomb the base of each, then curl with a 1 inch curling iron, directing the curls away from the face.


3. Pin each curl using single-prong clips.


4. Once cool, remove pins, flip her head upside down and shake.


5. Apply Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray to create a barrier of protection against humidity.


6. Using large hair pins at the crown of the head, gather the hair with the pin and push into the hair, then flip the pin and pull toward you to anchor it into the crown section. This creates volume at the top of the head.


7. Moving toward the back of the head, organically gather hair to one side of the lower nape section and twist into a soft fold. Secure fold with pins, allowing random hair to naturally cascade down the neck.


8. To add flair, create a few random, loose braids of various sizes.


Fishtail Pony with a Twist

By Annette Waligora; @annette_updo_artist


1. Prep the hair by brushing and spraying it with a texture spray (Annette’s favorite is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.)


2. Section hair from ear to ear in the back. Clip away the top half and gather the bottom half in a low pony.


3. Release the top half and drape it down toward the pony. Backcomb the crown for volume if desired.<


4. Create two 1-inch sections on each side to the right and left and clip away. These sections are used for the twists later.


5. Secure the middle section with bobby pins.


6. Once secure, divide the left section in half. Begin twisting about four times until the section looks like a Twizzler. Pinch the end of the twist and start pulling it on each side from bottom to top. Secure the twist with a thin elastic. Repeat on the other side.


7. Drape both twists toward the middle of the pony and secure with pins (do not open bobby pins when securing). Camouflage any elastics that are showing.


8. Wrap the leftover hair from the twists around the pony.


9. Fishtail braid the pony and secure with a thin elastic. Wrap a thin piece of hair around the elastic to camouflage and secure with a bobby pin.

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