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June 22, 2015

Hot Finds at Premiere Orlando 2015

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It’s always a good sign when a beauty show ends and the booths have nothing to pack up to send home. Premiere Orlando 2015 saw thousands of people stream through the halls of the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center from May 31 to June 1, eager to peruse the latest innovations in everything beauty. And these attendees did more than peruse, they snatched everything up! With hardly any products to be found after the whirlwind two-day event, BTC made sure to uncover some of the hottest tips, techniques and tools during our trips around the show floor! Here’s what we found:



Who: American Crew
The Scoop: With barbering and men’s grooming on the rise, American Crew has designed the ultimate, all-in-one to clip, shape and care for all the males in your chair. It’s called American Crew Space, and its purpose is to help you grow your men’s business by providing a larger range of men’s services. With this turnkey program, you get all of the furniture, decorations, products and technical training needed to operate a specialized men’s section. Included in the Space are: a Barber Pole, a Small Window Crew with the American Crew logo, a Large Window Cling, a Barber Chair, an American Crew Metal Sign, Picture Frames with Crew models, Book Shelf to bold American Crew products and a Mirror Stand. This is the ultimate way to set your salon or barbershop up for success to grow your clientele. www.americancrew.com



Who: Baker’s De-Bulker
The Scoop:
The enemy of volume and movement is weight, even on fine hair. Texture is a must, breaking up a solid line and giving hair that natural, sleek movement any sweet style needs. It’s time to De-Bulk! With Michael Baker’s innovative De-Bulker, you can make texturizing the hair an efficient, precise, single-step process. With its three attachments, the De-Bob, De-Bulk and De-Bush, you can offer your clients a range of texturizing options that give you, the stylist, more control and artistic freedom.



Who: CoCre8
The Scoop:
CoCre8, aka Christopher Dove and John Simpson, made its debut on MainStage this year and wowed with this stunning, luminescent jewel-toned creation. Working with various shades of blue, turquoise, pink, yellow and violet, Chris and John used diffusion and color melting to create a truly unique and abstract work of art. We were so excited about the color that we had to ask Chris and John for the formula! Here’s how they did it.


First they cleaned the canvas using lightener with 20-volume developer at the scalp and lightener with 30-volume developer on midlengths and ends. Then they sectioned the head into three horizontal sections: below the ear; temporal to temporal and the remaining hair above the temporal. Beginning in the underneath section, they worked with a saturated deep violet (Level 6) from the base to midlengths, then color melted a pale blue (Level 8) midlengths to ends. In the middle zone, they worked a deep blue (Level 6) from the base to the midlengths, then color melted a pale blue (Level 8) midlengths to ends. On the top section, they used shades of blue/turquoise at the base and worked in pink, yellow and violet as design colors using a free style technique, fully saturating the color to avoid patches. The “art” effect came in after applying the base and design colors. Using a clean, dry brush, they melted the two shades together to create secondary and tertiary outlines. For example, to create a violet color, they blended blue and pink. To create green, they blended blue and yellow. To create a citrus orange, they blended pink and yellow. They then processed using the manufacturer’s directions, rinsed, shampooed and conditioned.


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Who: Glampalm
The Scoop: Creating bold, sexy curls or avant-grade styles in a snap has never been easier! Glampalm delivers the worlds first ZigZag Iron! This innovative heat tool is ideal for creates textured styles that can’t be replicated with any other styling tools. A special ceramic coating emits anions and infrared heat, giving hair a healthy, shiny look. Plus with its auto-shutdown system, you and your clients won’t have to stress over whether you turned it off—it shuts down automatically after 30 minutes!


Who: Tweezerman
The Scoop:
he little black dress of beauty tools got personal. Tweezerman debuted an engraving machine at their booth, allowing attendees to truly customize their pair of Tweezerman tweezers. The concept behind this new idea is simple—and summed up in a hashtag the company used to promote it—#DontStealMyTools! Expect the engraving feature to be added to Tweezerman’s website by the end of August!



Who: alessandro
The Scoop:
Everyone loves a good multi-tasker! allesandro International CC Polish is an all-in-one nail care system that combines the classic beauty of flawless nude shades with special restorative health properties! With four beautiful colors to choose from, you can cover up discoloration, ridges or any marks and irregularities. And while your nails are looking smooth and chic, the polish simultaneously works to restore your nails’ natural strength. Special ingredients such as brown alga and pomegranate promote growth, and with the addition of keratin, this formula gets your nails stronger and better nourished.




Who: Oster
The Scoop: The future of technology is small and cordless, according to Oster. Their newest clipper, the Model 10, is a smaller version of their classic, best-selling clipper—the Number 76—while still packing the same mechanics and strength. Its smaller size makes it more user friendly for female stylists getting into the barbering biz. In addition to their latest clipper, Oster is releasing a DVD slated for summer 2015 of classic cutting techniques to persuade more to jump into the men’s grooming revolution.



Who: Vmax VanishMax
The Scoop:
If someone told you that it was possible to remove that tired weave in under one minute, what would you say? Too good to be true? Not anymore! With VMax VanishMax weave removal kit, a process that used to take well over an hour can be condensed into 30 seconds. All you have to do is spray the special dissolving solution on to your VanishMax thread and the thread disintegrates. The best part? These ingredient are all-natural and 100% safe—they’re also exclusive to one another, meaning that the only thing that can take your VanishMax thread down is the spray that comes with it.



Who: Biotop USA
The Scoop: This American spinoff of the Israeli company has big plans for their emergence into the United States market! With a blend of Keratin and Quinoa from France, Biotop’s 911 Emergency Haircare line will revolutionize how you repair and nourish fractured, damaged and thinning hair—but will also revolutionize how we think about beauty. Biotop recognizes that great hair is a superficial part of who we are, but that the feeling great hair gives us is anything but!



Who: Peter Coppola
The Scoop: With a successful line of 26 products for every hair type, Peter Coppola Beauty didn’t feel the need to shake up their line—but they definitely shook up their education team! With 16 new artistic team members and 3 new stage artists, Peter Coppola Beauty is looking towards a future of expanding their educational opportunities in the fields of texture and barbering.